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Discussion Questions: 1 Corinthians 7:25-35

Scripture 1 Corinthians 7:25-35 The Big Idea In 1 Corinthians, Paul speaks to people in different stages of life and reminds the church that single-minded pursuit of Jesus is a good thing. Regardless of our particular stage in life, there will be unique struggles, as well as opportunities. Discussion Questions 1. What does 'undivided devotion' look like in your stage ...

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Discussion Questions: Galatians 6:1-5

Scripture Galatians 6:1-5The Big Idea Galatians 6 gives us a vision for a church where people are honest about their brokenness. A community where humility is met with gentleness and care so that true restoration takes place. The church is the family of God that should be aware of, care about, and seek to assist one another as we face various sins and struggle. Discussi...

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Conquer: The Need for a Study on Purity for Men

The Problem Never before has one issue affected the church so significantly at the same time as pornography. Pornography use in our culture is a growing problem. Each of us has a relationship with pornography - either we have struggled with it ourselves in the past, currently, or we know someone close to us who has. Check out these statistics* that help us understand the ...

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A Note from Pastor Steve Heron

Hey church! Last week, we made a change to our corporate worship gathering. If you were out of town or serving with our Children's Ministry last Sunday (thanks to all those who worship with our children so faithfully each week) we wanted to make you aware of the change to the rhythm of our Communion celebration. As our church continues to grow, our pastors and elders h...

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Introducing Janie and Dallas Wilson

Citadel Square is led by a vision for life on life discipleship in the context of biblical community with an all people's mindset.This vision is realized best through relationships that lead to strategic partnerships.Dallas Janie Wilson have lived and served among the Charleston's Eastside community for 40+ years.Several of our leaders and members have had the privilege o...

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Introducing Our New Children's Pastor

Last Sunday, we announced that we have called Jon Merkling to become our new Children's Pastor! We believe Jon has the passion, gifting, and heart to lead this ministry into the future and we are excited to have him become part of the team. Learn more about Jon's story and what his role will be below. Jon hails from the Bluegrass State and graduated from Western Kentu...

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Children's Ministry is Not Second Rate!

As we gear up for another fall season, we want to take a few weeks to highlight a very important aspect of our church: Citadel Square Kids. If you didn't know, we have up to 90 childreneverySunday, including a number of children from the Chinese Church who meets in our chapel room on Sunday. We are so thankful for our leaders and volunteers who make it happen each Sunday, ...

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He Will Hold Me Fast

This Sunday we will sing a new song called He Will Hold Me Fast. It is adapted from a hymn titled "When I Fear my Faith Will Fail" written by Ada Haberson of London in 1906. It was updated with new words and music by Matt Merker of Capitol Hill Baptist Church. Here's what he has to say about how the song came to be: "A member of our church had sent the original words to...

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Women's Ministry Update

On Saturday, over 50 women from our church, along with some ladies from the Chinese Christian Church (which meets in our building), gathered for brunch and a time of fellowship. And what a wonderful time it was! It was such a blessing to get all of our ladies together and spend time playing games, eating homemade breakfast food and getting to know one another. We also tal...

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Introducing 1st Samuel

Hey Church! This weekend we get ready to begin a new series in the book of 1 Samuel. 1 Samuel is a pivotal book in the life of the nation of Israel. Coming on the heels of the book of Judges, this book is a peek into the history of how one of Israel's greatest periods of peace and prosperity began. It chronicles the life of the person of Samuel, the last judge. Samuel c...

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