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You Need Gospel Community

This post was originally featured on the blog For the Church by Brad Gray. One of the odd wonders of human society is our relentless pursuit of independence, for autonomy. We fight and claw and scratch for the smallest sliver of liberty, believing that such liberation will finally enable us to realize our full potential. Mankind runs on the endless treadmill of "getti...

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Make Friends, Not Just Converts

This article was originally posted on the blog "For the Church" by Darrin Patrick, pastor of the Journey in St. Louis, MO. The incarnation separates Christianity from all other religions. Christianity claims that God actually came and dwelt with humanity as a man (John 1:14). Jesus was not just a prophet with a spectacular vision or leader with extraordinary magnetism...

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7 Suggestions for Churches Meeting in a School

7 Suggestions for Churches Meeting in a School 1. Grow volunteersBeing in a borrowed facility forces the church to rely on lots of volunteer labor to set up and tear down each week. This can be stressful on people, but it also creates an opportunity to raise up new volunteer leadership. Our church would never happen without the countless hours of donated time, but in the ...

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