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SMI Recap

Thank you to all who have prayed for, supported and encouraged our Medical Campus Outreach team who recently returnedfrom North Africa. Centerpoint sent a team of 76 dentists, doctors, nurses, therapists and students to set up and run a health clinic for local adults and children. If you have been with us the last two Sunday mornings, you also know that our team faced a va...

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Reflections on a Year of Serving

Over the past year, our church had the honor of hosting four Generation Link Residents who devoted countless hours serving our church, growing in discipleship and pursuing theological education. As we look to another year of the residency program, we want to take some time to hear what God did in their lives last year as well as share an update on their plans for next year...

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How Do I Disciple My Kids?

Just the other day, someone asked our family, "How do I disciple my kids?" What a great question! As we have written about before, our church is blessed to have a fantastic children's ministry, with our staff and volunteers leading the kids in worship every Sunday with a mix of stories, songs and activities that teach the bible from Genesis to Revelation. But, just as our...

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Motherhood is a Calling

This Sunday is Mother's Day. As we honor the mothers in our lives, we also acknowledge that this celebration is difficult for many because of personal loss, strained relationships, or because God, in his sovereignty, has not provided children.This week we wanted to share this post, which answers the question: "What is the calling of a mother?" It was written by Rachel Jank...

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SMI North Africa

This month Centerpoint will be sending a team of 76 people to serve the people of North Africa. Dentists, doctors, nurses, therapists and students will set up and run a health clinic for a local population of adults and children. They are working closely with a small group of believers in the area that are seeking to give the gospel and their lives to the people in the are...

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Summer Link Charleston

Today's college students are tomorrow's world-changers! One of the best ways to influence the next generation of leaders is to invest in the lives of college students today. Centerpoint church will play an active role in this vision again this summer through the ministry of Summer Link. Summer Link is a seven-week intentional training strategy to help equip college student...

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What is the Point of the Resurrection?

This article originally appeared atSaturate, adapted from Raised? Finding Jesus by Doubting the Resurrectionby Jonathan Dodson and Brad Watson (Zondervan, 2015). Jesus breaks the human cycle of self-destruction. One question you might have is "Why?" What's the point of the resurrection? Is it just a way of getting attention? Was it meant to prove something? To get at t...

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Gospel Promises

This article was written by Paul Tripp and originally appeared at You may have heard me say this before, but it's worth repeating again: I'm deeply persuaded that many Christians, myself included, have a big gap in the middle of our gospel theology. Let me break it down and then apply it in a fresh way: I think we have a strong understanding of the theo...

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What is Baptism?

This Sunday our church will celebrate baptism, so we want to take the opportunityto ask "What is baptism?" Take a moment to read the article below, which was written by David Mathis and originally appeared at Desiring God, that will help us answer that question as we prepare for Baptism Sunday. Visible words. That was the Reformers' term for baptism and the Lord's S...

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What If I Don't Want To Pray?

This week, Pastor Steve Heron preached from Colossians 4:2-4 on prayer. Check out the article below, which originally appreared at Desiring God, to learn some further tips on how to pray, especially when it seems hard. Few aspects of the Christian life can cause God's people more guilt than a lack of personal, private prayer. Few disciplines in the Christian life are ...

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