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A Update from Pastor Craig Tuck



Dear Centerpoint Family,

Thank you for your prayers and commending words regarding my leadership transition to the Charleston Baptist Association (CBA). I rejoice to share that the Executive Committee of pastors and church leaders of the CBA unanimously approved my appointment to the Executive Director position, which will take effect on March 1.

This role changes my current position with the South Carolina Baptist Convention from a regional role to a more localized one to lead in relationships and strategies to strengthen churches, leaders in churches and planting or re-planting churches in Greater Charleston.

While I will be solely employed by the CBA, I will continue to serve as an elder at Centerpoint. I will also continue to serve our growing relationship with Pastor David Walker and Citadel Square Baptist Church, which like our church, is also part of the CBA. I will also continue to connect us with other church relationships in our city.

This shift does bring a dynamic change for our staff leadership. I am so thankful for the leadership that Pastor Steve Heron brings from the pulpit each week. Pastor Steve will assume leadership in overseeing the staff and the implementing of our vision beginning March 1.

As a fellow elder, I will assume a mentoring role to Pastor Steve in this lead position in the same way a head coach may transition to an athletic director. I will now provide mentoring rather than oversight. I am grateful for the dynamic and gifted pastors we have on our staff. As our vision advances, there will need to be shifts in leadership roles and responsibilities as we lead our growing congregation.

Centerpoint Church will continue to be led by a plurality of servant leaders who protect doctrinal purity, lead the vision and give overseeing direction. Please be in prayer for Pastor Steve Heron as he takes on this new role and please continue to pray for our elders who meet weekly: Todd Vasko, Phil McGaha, Steve Heron and Craig Tuck.


Pastor Craig Tuck



For more information about Pastor Craig's position and the history and vision of the CBA, click here.


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