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Discussion Questions: Galatians 6:1-5


Galatians 6:1-5

The Big Idea

Galatians 6 gives us a vision for a church where people are honest about their brokenness. A community where humility is met with gentleness and care so that true restoration takes place. The church is the family of God that should be aware of, care about, and seek to assist one another as we face various sins and struggle.

Discussion Questions

In your experience, what have been the most meaningful ways other Christ followers have supported and cared for you?

What are some of the challenges to walking together as we deal with sin or struggle?

As we each deal with our own sins and struggles, how should we share that with one another and what does help look like?

Where there things from this weeks sermon or passage that stood out to you as particularly helpful?

Was there anything that was confusing or that you would like to talk more about?


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