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Meet the Residents: Ben Patton

fullsizeoutput_2eCenterpoint is happy to host four Generation LINK residents who will spend this year with us learning, serving and growing together. Each month we will highlight one of them for you to get to know a little better.

This month we hear from Ben Patton, a Citadel alum hailing from the Upstate

Who are you and where are you from?

My name is Benjamin Patton and I am from Spartanburg. I tell people that because the small town I am actually from very few people would know. It is a little town called Lyman and the correct pronunciation is Lie-maaaan.

How and why did you get connected to the residency program?

In 2014 I graduated from the Citadel and started to work with Campus Outreach. At that time Steve Lindenmeyer was our regional director. This year I decided to transition off of the Campus Outreach team to start seminary, but I wanted to stay in Charleston and continue to serve in ministry, so I got connected with Steve, who told me about the residency program.

How will you be serving this year?

This year I will serve and disciple college students as well as learn what ministry looks like outside of a campus context. Through other connections I have made with people in Charleston, such as my gym or the places I go to work on seminary homework, I hope to start sharing the gospel with others and bringing them around the church community that we have.

What are you hoping to learn this year?

I primarily want to learn or grow in my capacity to invest in people and learn boldness to speak to people I do not know about Jesus. I also hope to learn how I am best gifted and how the Lord will best use me, but there are practical aspects of living out our faith in Jesus that I know I am bad at so I would like to grow in those as well.

How can we pray for you?

I need prayer for time management and for growing in being an initiator. I tend to give all of my time to one thing that may not be the most important, such as school, and neglect other areas that do not seem as urgent to me. School has the tendency to take first priority and everything else suffers for it.


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