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Meet The Residents: Will Newton

willMany of you know that Citadel Square serves as host to Generation LINK residents who spend a year or more with us learning, serving and growing together. This year we have been privileged to have Will Newton with us. You may have seen Will serving at the Coffee Connect, one of the many ways he serves our church each week. Today we will take some time to get to know Will.

Who are you and where are you from?
My name is Will Newton, and I was born in Nashville, Tennessee and was raised in Augusta, Georgia for most of my life. Last year I graduated from Clemson with a BS in Biochemistry. I really enjoy watching and playing many different sports, and I love the outdoors; I grew up hunting and fishing and enjoy doing either of these whenever I get the chance. 

How and why did you get connected to the residency program?
I learned about the program through family connections to MCO, and decided to participate this year before starting medical school at MUSC in August.

How did you come to faith in Christ?
I was raised by extremely godly parents and in an incredible church (First Presbyterian Church of Augusta). In God's providence, he claimed my heart early on. The gospel was always very real to me and by the grace of God I always took it seriously and made it mine; I never really leaned on my parent's faith as my own. Starting in sixth grade I began to be discipled at church, studying the Word of God and praying for my unbelieving friends at that time.

I was much less people-oriented then; in fact I really struggled to love many people back then. God has massively changed me since. It took one of my best friends passing away without warning to really push me to seek the lost earnestly. I realized that everyone I knew, whether I liked them or not, was going somewhere for eternity and for some reason God gave me a role to play in that future. In addition to this, I developed a heart for the nations and the poor though going on MCO medical mission trips every year. I continued to grow throughout high school and college where I continued being discipled through Campus Outreach before moving here to Charleston.

What is your role at Citadel Square?
I am a quintessential intern in many ways. I do lots of different "office work" tasks and try to fill in gaps to allow the pastoral team to focus on their areas of ministry. My responsibilities include serving as the connections coordinator, running Coffee Connect, producing materials for Sunday mornings, and doing whatever else needs to get done. I am blessed to be part of the weekly staff meetings and learn from men much wiser and more experienced than myself. I have truly valued and enjoyed my time with the team. I also lead a weekly bible study for middle and high school boys from the church and do what I can during the week to be part of their lives. I have loved it and am having a great time with my guys. It has been a genuine blessing.

What is your hope for Citadel Square?
Firstly, I hope that our church understands and lives out discipleship. I look forward to seeing leaders step up in our church to each lead two or three younger men or women at a time and this be the regular pattern of our church. Secondly, I am looking forward to seeing how we are able to build relationships with local neighborhoods, churches, and schools in order to engage and heal the brokenness all around us.


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