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A Note from Pastor Steve Heron

Hey church!

Last week, we made a change to our corporate worship gathering. If you were out of town or serving with our Children’s Ministry last Sunday (thanks to all those who worship with our children so faithfully each week) we wanted to make you aware of the change to the rhythm of our Communion celebration. 

As our church continues to grow, our pastors and elders have been praying through how to best observe the Lord's Supper. Our goal has been to make our celebration as honoring to the Lord as we can and as meaningful as possible for all who participate. In order to help us celebrate in a more unified way and to provide space for appropriate remembrance and reflection, our new rhythm will observe the Lord's Supper monthly, typically on the first Sunday of the month. (So the next time we will take Communion will be Sunday, October 7.)

Last Sunday, we looked at Paul’s counsel and correction to the Corinthians in 1 Cor, 11:17-34. In that section of Scripture Paul maintains that the Lord’s Supper is meant to do two major things:

1.) Paul corrects the Corinthian's treatment of the Lord’s supper by repeating Jesus words when he established this meal. The bread and the cup, representing His body and blood, are meant to remember Him and what He accomplished on the cross. 

2.) Paul says that we should examine ways in which we may be contributing to division within the body through unreconciled relationships with one another. The Lord’s Supper then becomes an opportunity for us to actively seek unity and reconciliation with others. In fact, the Lord’s Supper is the corporate proclamation of the church that our sins are forgiven and we are reconciled to God and to one another through what Jesus has done. What a great testimony to our friends, family and our city! 

My prayer is that our church grows in worship and joy at what Jesus has done for us, and that God would honor our pursuit of unity and reconciliation. 

If you missed the sermon please listen here.

See you Sunday!

Pastor Steve Heron


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