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Remembering & Hoping


This Sunday, June 17, marks the three year anniversary of the tragic shooting that took place at our neighboring church, Mother Emanuel AME. As another year goes by, it is still impossible to forget the pain, sorrow and grief the victims, our city, and our nation felt that day. As we look toward this Sunday, we want to take some time to do two things: remember and hope.


We remember the victims and their families. We remember Susie Jackson, Ethel Lance Rev. Depayne Middleton-Doctor, Clementa Pinckney, Tywanza Sanders, Daniel Simmons Sr., Sharonda Coleman-Singleton and Myra Thompson. We remember the message of forgiveness their families offered to their killer. And we remember these families today, who still bear the pain even three years later. We are thankful to be neighbors with Emanuel AME and grieve alongside our brothers and sisters in Christ.


But in the wake of remembering this tragedy, we are hopeful. Hopeful, firstly, because we know that one day Jesus will make all things new (Rev. 21:5) and that we can have eternal life because of his death and resurrection (John 14:6).

Secondly, we are hopeful because, through this tragedy, he has brought an awakening to our city to strive for unity with other Christians who look different than us. Our hope for Citadel Square is that we would have an “all peoples mindset,” meaning that we would pursue relationships with people no matter their ethnic background, age or socio-economic status. We have done this in a few small ways as a church - working with mutli-ethnic church plants and partnering with Mother Emanuel AME for outreach events. But we want this to be something that is part of everything we do. This week, Pastor Steve Heron will speak more about what that means for us as a church, and what it means for you. Do you have relationships with people from different races? Is it something you are seeking to do? Wherever you are in your journey, we want to help you make that a priority in your Christian walk.


With that in mind, we do have a few cross-cultural opportunities that Craig Tuck shared in his message last week. In case you were not there Sunday or didn’t get the chance to write them down, here are some ways to serve or remember this year:

Destiny Worship Center - A partnering church plant in the heart of Dorchester Terrace

  • This Summer (June & July), Destiny will be feeding hungry children in the Dorchester Terrace Community breakfast and lunch. Volunteers are needed to help serve food and just be present for the kids
  • In the Fall (Dates TBA), they will host a six-week class (required by DSS) called Families Count. They will be able to share Jesus by serving families in crisis. Volunteers are needed for mentoring, transportation and childcare.

For more information, email Pastor Larry Goss -

Gracia Church - A partnering church reaching out to Hispanic people

  • On June 22-24 Gracia Church will have the opportunity to serve the Guatemalan Consulate, allowing them to connect with over 1,200 Guatemalan Men, Women & Children. Volunteers are needed to serve food, host Vacation Bible School and give health assessments.

    For more information, contact Pastor Jerry Zapata -

Mother Emanuel AME Commemoration Events

  • You could also consider attending one of the many events that will commemorate the anniversary. Click here for a full list of events in the city.

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