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Sermon Questions: 2 John 1-6

Week 1: 2 John 1-6

1. Read Colossians 1:9-10. How is the truth informing the way that you walk?
When was a time that the scriptures informed a change in your obedience or behavior?

2. What, in your experience, makes it difficult to love another person?
How does the gospel inform the way we love, even when it is difficult?

3. What is the relationship between truth and love?
What would it look like for our church to be rooted in truth and walk in love?

4. Look at 2 John 1:4. What are challenges that will keep the next generation from walking in truth? in love?
What can our church do to ensure that the next generation is impacted by the gospel? What is your part?

5. Look at 2 John 1:5. Have the basic truths you learned at the beginning of your walk grown stale?
Why do we need to be reminded of the basic truths of the gospel?

6. Which do you struggle more with: walking in truth or walking in love?
Why do you think we tend to separate these two in your daily walk?


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