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Sermon Questions: 2 John 1:7-13

Week 2: 2 John 7-13

1. What constitutes a deceiver? How do you distinguish between a deceiver and the deceived or uninformed? In your experience, what are common ways people tend to be deceived?

2. What does the incarnation (the coming of Jesus Christ in the flesh) show me about God? What does it show me about me?

3. Why is the incarnation such a central point of Christianity? How does the incarnation communicate how God cares for us?

4. How does one biblically “watch yourself” (verse 8)? Why is it important to do so?
In light of verses 10-11, how do we live out biblical hospitality while remaining on guard?

5. How does holding on to the truth align with obtaining a full reward? What does "full reward" mean? What is at stake for you to lose?

6. How does the promise of God’s reward motivate us toward obedience? Why does it not? Are there other motivations?

7. How does a face to face meeting bring John joy? In our world, where people tend to be disconnected, does a face to face meeting centered around the truth bring you joy? Why or why not?


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