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Sermon Questions: Jonah 4:1-10

Week 5: Jonah 4:1-10

1. Why are Jonah’s emotions so extreme? (Exceedingly displeased about God relenting and exceedingly pleased about the plant) What causes you to have extreme emotional responses?

2. An idol is something so central and essential to your life that if it were taken away, life would feel hardly worth living? What is that thing in your life? How do we loosen our grip on these idols?

3. How are my circumstances controlling my emotions and how I talk to God? 4. If you were a counselor, how would you counsel Jonah?

5. How can you relate to Jonah and how he responds?How should Jonah have responded?

6. How does Jonah’s self centeredness distract him from what God is doing and cause him to have a bad attitude? Do your attitudes/thoughts/ priorities align with the heart of God?

7. If Jonah’s heart and God’s heart aligned, what would that look like at the end of the book?


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