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Summer Missions

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Tarrah Rothwell - New Zealand

I will be going with a team from Campus Outreach Alabama and Georgia, and we will travel to Christchurch, New Zealand during July and half of August. We will be sharing the gospel with college students at the University of Canterbury. Our team will be adding an extra boost of energy to the ministry of long-term missionaries, and most importantly we will be building relationships with the students in the hopes to share the gospel. The average Kiwi has not been to church, has had little interaction with Christians, and no exposure to the gospel. At the same time, the students are extremely open to hearing the Gospel and engaging in deep conversations. I'm excited to grow in my relationship with God and His heart for the nations!



Charity Paiidten - Philippines

On June 28, I will leave for a three-week journey in the Philippines with the Bob Tebow Evangelistic Association.  While there, I will be sharing the gospel, primarily with students in the schools of the Philippines, and spending time with the precious orphans at Uncle Dick’s Home. My hope is to help stop human trafficking by loving on the orphans in the home that were previously trafficked. I will be serving the Lord and His people in many ways. I am hopeful that God will teach, counsel, and love on the children through me in this ministry!


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Jayme Rojek - Guatemala

On August 4-11, I will travel to Guatemala with Clayton King Ministries to serve children inside Guatemala City’s Zone 18 neighborhoods, a destitute community neglected even by many public services. 72% of children have no access to schools and has the lowest literacy rate in Central America, and we will assist an ongoing program to help educate children. In addition, the majority of these children live in very broken homes in a non-Christian community so my team and I will strive to build relationships with these children and share the gospel with them in hopes that they come to know the Lord. We will also be involved in construction projects, including laying bricks to shelter those without homes or hope. I am very excited to embark on this journey to Guatemala. I am forever grateful to have a church family that will support me and pray for me through every step of the way!



Alexis Fuller - Curacao

I will be going to Curacao July 5-15 with a team that will help lead Vacation Bible School for around 250 children in a very impoverished part of the island. We will also do some other service projects while we are there. I have been a number of times and want to continue building relationships with people there and spread the love of Christ to them!



“J” - Southeast Asia

This summer, I have the privilege of leading a small team to Southeast Asia from June 12 through August 1. We will be joining some established missionaries and serving with an organization that helps women who have been victims of trafficking and are working towards independence from industries of exploitation. I will have the opportunity the help facilitate their daily schedules as they work towards learning valuable trade and life skills and receive counseling, and I look forward to the opportunities that I will have to share truth amidst daily life. In addition to working at this facility, I will also be a part of the local English club. Your prayers are coveted!


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