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Time Well-Spent

This past weekend, our leadership team took the opportunity to get out of town on a retreat together. We did this out of a desire have a healthy team,  so that we may fully invest in serving our church community. As Pastor Craig mentioned last week, we are glad to serve a congregation who values this for its leadership. For this reason, we believe that this time proved itself indispensable in three primary ways:

A Time for Relationships

Since the three congregations merged in February, our team has been focused on developing relationships with the staff they work with. Taking a few days off to go retreat together afforded our team the chance to deepen these relationships in an environment outside of work. During our time together, husbands and wives were able to go on double-dates, residents were able to watch the staff parent their children, and all of us were able to share meals together as a family. Additionally, we were all able to be in the same room for a time of sharing. After the weekend together, each person left knowing more about those on the team, their families and how to best pray for them.

A Time for Team-Building

Our time away was also very strategic for our team. Pastor Steve Lidnenmeyer faciliated a time for everyone to interact over their results from RightPath, a temperament and behavior assessment. From this, we were able learn more about how each person is wired and how to better communicate with and relate to them. Our hope in taking the time to labor over these profiles is to add value to each person in the contexts of their marraige and work. We want to get a more full picture of how God has designed each person on the team and how He has created them to function. By taking these into consideration, we can add value to each person by purposefully placing them in situations where they can thrive in serving the church and displaying God's glory. When each person is able to hit their stride, the team is more productive and enjoyable. We place a high emphasis on this so that we can steward our time and energy well to most effectively be a church on mission.

A Time for Rest

Outside of the relational and strategic benefits of the retreat, it was also conducive to rest. Each morning Pastor Craig Tuck opened our time in the Psalms, and in the evenings, Pastor Jon Lowder led us in a time of worship. These two elements alone promoted conversation around the topics of reflection and celebration. We were able to look back and be thankful for what God has already done, and then anticipate and seek the Lord in what He would have us do next. By being away for a Sunday, we were also able to hand off our weekend responsibilities to others. This allowed us the opportunity to empower volunteers with the chance to lead in another capacity, while also furthering our collaboration with churches around the city. We are grateful for partner churches and pastors like Mike Seaver from Sovereign Grace of the Lowcountry who are committed to helping us reach the city. 

All this to say, we are grateful that our team could put time aside and devote it to relationships, strategy and rest!



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