Community Groups

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What are community groups?

Our church is a network of groups of people living out the gospel in all of life. Groups are the primary way to connect with others and pursue life on mission together. Our vision is not just for people to attend church, but to be the church.

Community groups are like small gatherings of the local church meeting regularly to share both the mission of Christ and the daily realities of gospel-centered living. These communities are where we engage each other with the gospel as we seek to live out this glorious news in our daily lives.

Why should I be a part of a group?

Groups are the primary way we live as the church in Charleston. This is where we live, grow and serve on mission together. It is the place where “one anothers” of the Scriptures are lived out: “love one another,” “serve one another,” “encourage one another”...

How often do they meet?

Groups meet regularly in homes throughout the city. We eat meals together, pray together, study the Bible together, love one another and look to engage our city together as missionaries.

How do I get connected to a group?

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