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The Gospel Project for Kids | Unit 8: Conquering the Land

The Israelites needed to conquer the promised land, so God fought for them. Joshua led the people and encouraged them to be faithful to the one true God. Under Joshua’s leadership, the people conquered the promised land and began to live in it. Joshua was a representation of Christ, leading the Israelites to victory in Canaan as Jesus leads us to victory in overcoming the world.

Bible Story Videos
March 31 - Crossing the Jordan
April 7 - The Battle of Jericho
April 14 - Taking the Land
April 21 - Easter

Unit 8 (Preschool) - Song | Video
Unit 8 (Elementary) - Song | Video

Big Picture Question
How can we glorify God? We can glorify God by loving Him and obeying Him. 

Memory Verse
"The Lord will be with you, he will not leave or abandon you."- Deuteronomy 31:8

  • The Lord  (Point your arms up)
  • Will be with you (Hug yourself)
  • He will not leave you (Cross your hands at your wrists in front of you)
  • Or abandon you (Swipe your arms in front of you to both sides) 

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