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Current Unit: The People Restored

Even after returning home, the Israelites struggled to obey God completely and to worship Him. Nehemiah led the people to rebuild Jerusalem’s walls and Ezra began teaching God’s Word again. Malachi, the last Old Testament prophet, warned the people to repent because the Messiah was coming soon. The stage was set for the arrival of Jesus.


Big Picture Question

  • Who is in control of everything? God is in control of everything.

Memory Verse

  • God … will himself restore … you after you have suffered a little while. - 1 Peter 5:10
    • God will (Pump your right fist in the air)
    • Himself (point up with your right hand)
    • Restore you ( bring your hand down, palm down)
    • After you have suffered for a little while (roll your arms in front of your waist)

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