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The Gospel Project for Kids | Current Unit: Wise King Solomon

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Solomon ruled Israel with great wisdom that God had given him, and he obeyed God when he built the temple. Despite his wisdom, Solomon sinned and his sin led to the nation of Israel being divided into two kingdoms. Solomon reminds us of our need for Jesus, the sinless King who is true wisdom.

Bible Story Videos
August 4 - Solomon Asked For Wisdom
August 11 - Wisdom For God's People
August 18 - Solomon Built The Temple
August 25 - The Kingdom Divided

"Ask God" - Unit Theme Song - Song | Music Video

Big Picture Question
What does God know? God knows everything.

Memory Verse
“But if any of you lacks wisdom, he should ask God” James 1:5a

  • But if any of you (swipe to the right with your right hand with your palm up)
  • Lacks wisdom (point to your temples with both hands)
  • He should (put your hands out to your sides with your palms up)
  • Ask God (Point both fingers up)




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