Worship: Why We Sing

We believe our God is one who desires to be known. He initiates by revealing himself to us and we respond to his initiation. He is the primary audience of corporate worship. As a church, we gather to sing about God and to sing to God. All creation sings His praises, we join in to proclaim his excellencies as the one true living God, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Worship of God is not primarily about “me” or “us” but about him.

The Church also gathers to be reminded. As we sing about and consider who God is as he has revealed himself to us in Scripture and what he has done specifically in the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus. Week after week, we are encouraged by one another through the Holy Spirit’s working to believe what is true about Him. When we gather with a single-minded pursuit of His glory above all else, we image the unity perfectly displayed in the Trinity, and picture a future reality where the entire Church will gather to worship God fully and for all time. 

As God reveals himself to us, we respond:

    • in awe and reverence at his glory, 
    • with sorrow and brokenness for our sin, 
    • with confidence and assurance of his grace, 
    • with gratitude and thanks for his provision
    • with lives submitted to his purposes and plan

Worship Resources

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