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Resurrection Sunday | Christ is Risen! He is Risen Indeed!


Readings The Resurrection - Matthew 28:120, John 20:131 Video Reflection Jesus is alive! As you worship God today, reflect on these Christ's resurrection by reading these lyrics from Christ is Risen, He Is Risen Indeed by Keith and Kristyn Getty. How can it be, the One who died,Has born our sin through sacrificeTo conquer every sting of death?Sing, sing hallelujah.F...

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Holy Saturday | Living In-Between


Reading The Chief Priests and Pharisees Place Guards at the Tomb -Matthew 27:6266 Video Reflection Living In-Between Holy Saturday is the day in between the crucifixion and resurrection of Christ. It was a day of Sabbath as Jesus was in the tomb and his disciples were experiencing the aftermath of Good Friday. They were living in between the darkest day in history a...

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Good Friday | Jesus Paid It All


Readings Jesus is Betrayed by Judas and Arrested - Matthew 26:4756; Mark 14:4352; Luke 22:4753; John 18:212Jesus has an Informal Hearing before Annas - Matthew 26:57, 5968; Mark 14:53, 5565; Luke 22:6371Peter Denies Jesus - Matthew 26:58, 6975; Mark 14:54, 6672; Luke 22:5462; John 18:1518, 2527Pilate Questions Jesus and Sends Him to Herod Antipas - Matthew 27:1114; Mark 1...

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Maundy Thursday | God's Passover Lamb


Readings Passover and the Lord's Supper - Matthew 26:2029; Mark 14:1723; Luke 22:1430Jesus Washes the Disciples' Feet - John 13:117:26Jesus and the Disciples Sing a Hymn Then Depart to the Mount of Olives - Matthew 26:30; Mark 14:26; Luke 22:39Jesus Predicts Peter's Denials - Matthew 26:3135; Mark 14:2731; Luke 22:3134The Garden of Gethsemane - Matthew 26:3646; Mark 14:32...

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Holy Wednesday | A Plan and An Opportunity


Readings Jesus Continues His Daily Teaching in the Temple -Luke 21:3738The Sanhedrin Plots to Kill Jesus-Matthew 26:35; Mark 14:12; Luke 22:12 Video Reflection What About Wednesday? Wednesday is the day of Holy Week that can often escape us. As I was preparing to write this reflection, I found myself thinking, "Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday...what happen...

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Holy Tuesday | What Should Be, What Is, What Will Be


Readings The Lesson from the Fig Tree -Matthew 21:2022;Mark 11:2026Jesus Teaches in the Temple -Matthew 21:2323:39;Mark 11:2712:44;Luke 20:121:4Jesus Predicts the Future -Matthew 2425;Mark 13:137;Luke 21:536 Video Reflection It's Tuesday and Jesus has entered Jerusalem, his imminent death just four days away. His encounters with the religious leaders and conversation...

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Holy Monday | Humility and Authority


Readings Jesus Curses a Fig Tree - Matt. 21:1819; Mark 11:1214Jesus Cleanses the Temple - Matt. 21:1213; Mark 11:1518; Luke 19:4548 Video Reflection Jesus Presses Forward Today Jesus continues his march to the cross with a "not my will, but yours be done" resolve.The path is clear. The end is decided.The kingdom is at hand.With a clarity of purpose and a heart of obed...

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Palm Sunday | The Real Christ


About This Devotional Today isPalm Sunday,the first day of the week leading up to Easter, also known asHoly Week. Our goal is to help you reflect each day of this important week - both on what happened and why it is important to you today. Each day's devotional will consist of the scripture readingsfor the day, a video describing the day's events,and a reflection from one...

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