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How Do We Worship Online At Home?


Some Thoughts on How to Worship At Home 

As we look toward another Sunday of meeting in our homes, we wanted to share a few thoughts on how we can best do this together:

  • Pick a time. The worship guide and pre-recorded sermon video will always be posted online by 8 am on Sunday morning. So pick a time and make that your consistent “service time" each week for as long as we meet remotely.
  • Pick a spot. Where are you going to sit? Whether you watch on an iPad, laptop, TV, or even your phone, be sure to find a spot that is comfortable but helps you reverently focus on Christ in worship.
  • Get your Bible out and take notes. Technology makes it possible to meet remotely, but this can help you engage better instead of it feeling like you are just watching a video.
  • Use the worship guide. Just as our “normal” worship services are more than listening to a sermon, there are other parts to worship that we will include each week. So, even if you choose to watch the videos on a bigger screen, be sure to start from the worship guide page (posted in the Resource Center) each week to direct you.
  • Sing. Sing the songs! It may not be the same as singing in the same room together, but we can still stand and sing praise to God even as we are apart.
  • Pray. Open and close your time of worship with prayer. Sometimes prayers will be included in the worship guide, but either way - be sure to pray as you meet with God on Sundays!
  • Connect. After your home worship service - take some time to connect with others. Talk with your family or roommates over lunch. FaceTime your extended family. Have a Zoom call with your community group. We may be able to stream the sermon and recreate some other elements of worship, but nothing can replace connecting with other believers!

What to Expect This Sunday

Our prayers are with you as you come to meet with God this week. Pastor Steve Heron will be back in the Doubt Series, talking through Suffering from James 1:1-8. There's no greater temptation to doubt than when we suffer. Where do we turn when the varied trials we face cause us to question God's presence and plan? James leads us in how to think, pray and hope in God's purposes for suffering in our lives. It should be a timely message for us all as we continue to face this crisis together.

See you Sunday - online!

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