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A Message To Parents


Hey Parents!

I know that this strange time has been challenging for us all, including our kids. I know many of your kids are already missing their friends and don't quite understand why they're not allowed to go anywhere. Other kids may be viewing this as an extended break, but soon I think they will struggle with the uncertainty of it all and the reality that things aren't just going to go back to normal anytime soon. Please know we are praying for your kids as they process it along with you, and that we are here for them too!

So, with that in mind, I wanted to share a few ways you can help your kids as they navigate through this new experience:

Worship Together
As we have our first "virtual" service tomorrow, have the kids participate with you as you watch the sermon and sing songs together. I know this will present some challenges, but the good thing is you can "pause" the service any time you need! Hopefully, as the kids see you watching the sermon, they will understand how important it is and that our church can still worship even though we can't meet together.

Teach Kids At Home
For parents of 5th graders and below, find a time to teach your kids what they normally would learn in their classes. Each Saturday, we will release that week's Citadel Square Kids content for you to use on Sunday. This will include songs to sing, the memory verse, Bible story video, and summaries and questions to use as a family. We'll also have specific content for each age group that they normally do in their classes (crafts and coloring pages for preschool, and catechism questions and discussion guides for the elementary kids). You can view this week's content here.

Find some time to devote to this each week as you plan out what your "new normal" will look like. You can start simply by watching the videos, or you can dive deeper into the specific activities they would get at church. And feel the freedom to do this whenever works best for your kids, even if it is not necessarily on Sunday.

Find Ways to Engage
For parents of teens and older kids, we'll have discussion questions to go along with the sermon on Sunday. Consider using those questions as a family at dinner time, or find a moment to connect one-on-one with child. Addison is also working on some additional ways to help engage with them specifically, so look out for that soon.

I know the kids will miss their teachers and their friends, but, again, but by teaching them at home, we can show them that we can still learn about Jesus, even if we can't meet together at the church building. And hopefully, by incorporating this into your Sunday rhythm, it will provide them some stability as they process what is going on in the world around us.

In the coming weeks, we'll send out more resources on parenting, kids, and how to incorporate family worship into your daily rhythms of life. Hopefully this extended time together at home will lead to us all discipling our kids more intentionally and in new ways. We're praying for you all as we weather this storm together! 

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