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Kids Worship: Jesus Fed A Crowd


Jesus Fed A Crowd - Matthew 14; Mark 6; Luke 9; John 6

Jesus gave the people food so they would not be hungry. The next day, Jesus said that He is the bread of life. (John 6:35) Only Jesus can give us everything we need. Jesus gives us forgiveness, peace with God, and life forever with Him.

Key Passage

“Lord my God, you have done many things. Your wondrous works and your plans for us - none can compare with you. ”- Psalm 40:5

  • Lord (Raise right hand)
  • My God (Raise left hand)
  • You have done many things (Wave arms side to side)
  • Your wondrous works and your plans for us (pound fists)
  • None can compare (make wiping out motion with hands)
  • With you (point up with both hands)


The Holy Spirit

Choose one or more of the songs below:

  • For God Loved The World - Video
  • He is Faithful - Video
  • The Lord Will Be With You - Video  
  • You Are Great - Video
  • Everlasting Kingdom - Video
  • Ask God - Video
  • The Lord is Patient With You - Video
  • If My People - Video
  • God Will! - Video
  • Kingdom Kid - Video

Bible Story Video

Jesus Fed A Crowd

Bible Story Summary

  • Jesus told His disciples to feed a huge crowd of people.
  • The only food was a boy’s lunch of five loaves and two fish.
  • Jesus took the loaves and fish, and Jesus fed the crowd.
  • Everyone ate until they were full with 12 baskets of leftovers.

Discussion Starters

  • Why was Jesus feeding the crowd of people a miracle?
  • How did Jesus show He cared about the people?
  • How does Jesus give us what we need the most?

Family Activity

  • Pray together as a family for God to meet a specific need. Rejoice together when He does!


Other Resources

For Preschool Kids

  • Coloring/Activity Pages - Download PDF (Lessons for August 7 - 30)
  • Craft: Make a Pipe Cleaner Fish
    • Encourage children to select a colorful pipe cleaner and a few beads. Show them how to bend it at the middle to make their fish’s nose. Then guide them to thread pony beads on each end of it. Help children tightly twist the ends of their stems together about an inch from the end of the pipe cleaners. Bend out the wire ends to create the tail of the fish. Use tape to cover any sharp points.
    • Say: Look at all the fish you made! A boy offered Jesus two fish and five loaves of bread to feed the hungry crowd of people. That was not enough food for so many people. But with that little bit of food, Jesus fed a crowd of over 5,000 people. Only Jesus can give us everything we need. Jesus gives us forgiveness, peace with God, and life forever with Him.

For Elementary Kids

  • Personal Bible Study  - Download PDF (Lessons for June 7 - Sept. 20)

  • New City Catechism - Question 43
    • What are the sacraments or ordinances?

    • Baptism and the Lord’s Supper.

  • Discussion Questions
    • Help your kids find one of the accounts of Jesus’ feeding five thousand. (Matthew 14; Mark 6; Luke 9; or John 6) Discuss the four gospels. Remind the kids that each gospel tells the story of Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection, each from a slightly different perspective. Remind the kids that all four are perfectly true.

    • Ask the following questions:

    • Why had Jesus and His disciples crossed over the Sea of Galilee? (to be alone, Matt. 14:13)

    • What did the disciples want to do with the hungry crowd of people? (send them away to buy their own food, Matt. 14:15) 

    • How many baskets full of leftovers did the disciples gather? (Twelve, Matt. 14:20

    • What does this story show about Jesus? Guide kids to think about the compassion Jesus shows. Jesus wants to meet the needs of people. He met their physical needs by healing them and feeding them, but also meets spiritual needs. Jesus taught about God before dying on the cross and rising again. Jesus’ work made the way for us to be forgiven and have eternal life with God. 

    • Why did Jesus call himself the bread of life? Guide kids to think about the role of bread in Old Testament stories. Remind them about the manna God provided and the significance of the unleavened bread at Passover. Help them see that, just as bread represents a basic necessity—food—Jesus is necessary to have spiritual life with God.

    • How can we learn to trust Jesus more? Guide kids to discuss ways we can grow in faith, such as studying the Bible, gathering together as a church, praying, and even fasting. Help kids understand what those disciplines are and how we do them.

    • Jesus miraculously fed a crowd with five loaves and two fish. Jesus met the physical needs of the crowd by satisfying their hunger. He will meet all our spiritual needs. He satisfies our soul, provides forgiveness, and promises eternal life.