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Jesus Healed a Man Who Was Blind

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Jesus Healed A Man Who Was Blind - John 9

Our sin makes us unable to see the truth about God. Jesus came as a light in a dark world. He came to give us sight—true understanding of God and His kingdom. Those who trust in Jesus see who He is and worship Him.

Key Passage

“Yet he himself bore our sicknesses... punishment for our peace was on him, and we are healed by his wounds ”- Isaiah 53:4-5 (Abridged)

  • Yet he himself (put right hand up)
  • Bore our sicknesses (pull right hand in front of face and make a fist)
  • Punishment (put left hand up)
  • For our peace (Pull left hand in front of face and make an X with both fists)
  • Was on him (turn X into a cross)
  • And we (pat chest with both hands)
  • Are healed (pull hands down into fists)
  • By his wounds (point pointer fingers inward)


We Are Healed

Choose one or more of the songs below:

  • For God Loved The World - Video
  • He is Faithful - Video
  • The Lord Will Be With You - Video  
  • You Are Great - Video
  • Everlasting Kingdom - Video
  • Ask God - Video
  • The Lord is Patient With You - Video
  • If My People - Video
  • God Will! - Video
  • Kingdom Kid - Video

Bible Story Video

Jesus Healed A Man Who Was Blind

Bible Story Summary

  • Jesus put mud on the eyes of a man who could not see.
  • The man could see when he washed his eyes like Jesus told him to do.
  • Jesus healed a man who could not see.
  • The man believed in Jesus and worshiped Him.

Family Discussion Starters

  • How did people see God’s power through the man who had been born blind?
  • How does sin keep us from seeing what is true about God?
  • Whom did the man who couldn’t see have faith in?

Other Resources

For Preschool Kids

  • Coloring/Activity Pages - Download PDF (Lessons for June 7 - 28)
  • Activity: Use Your Legs
    • Tape a green piece of paper and a red piece of paper to opposite walls. Ask questions that include a statement that may or may not be accurate. Instruct children to move to the green paper if they believe the statement and to the red paper if they do not believe the statement. Use the following questions or create your own:

      • Do you believe the sky is purple?
      • Do you believe a whale would make a good pet?
      • Do you believe broccoli tastes good?
      • Do you believe I am the tallest person in the room?
      • Do you believe I can count to 100?
      • End with, “Do you believe Jesus is God’s Son?”
    • Say: In today’s Bible story, Jesus asked a man, “Do you believe in the Son of Man?” The Son of Man is a name that Jesus often called Himself. Jesus is fully God and fully man. Jesus was asking the man if he believed in Him. Listen to the Bible story to hear how the man answered. 

For Elementary Kids

  • Personal Bible Study  - Download PDF (Lessons for June 7 - Sept. 20)

  • New City Catechism - Question 35
    • What do we believe about the Holy Spirit?

    • That he is God, coeternal with the Father and the Son, and that God grants him irrevocably to all who believe.

  • Discussion & Bible Skills
    • Help kids find John 9.

    • Ask the following questions:

      • Why was the man born blind? (so God’s works might be displayed in him, John 9:3)

      • How did Jesus heal the man? (Jesus mixed spit and dirt, put the mud on the man’s eyes, and told him to wash it off; John 9:6-7)

      • What did the religious leaders do to the healed man? (threw him out of the synagogue, John 9:34)

      • In what ways are we like the man born blind? Guide kids to consider what it means to be born in sin. Help them see that spiritual blindness prevents us from being able to pursue God on our own. Guide kids to discuss what it feels like to be in darkness. Point out both the fear of the dark that some have and also the practical limitations of doing things in the dark.

      • Why do you think Jesus calls Himself the Light of the world? Help them understand the ways in which Jesus “lights up” our life, such as helping us see and understand God’s truth, giving us joy, and helping us walk in obedience to God. Point out that, while it is difficult to do things in the dark, light helps us work.

      • How can we be given “spiritual sight”? Direct kids to think about the message of the gospel. Help them see that they cannot earn salvation, but it is given freely to those with faith in Jesus’ death and resurrection. Remind them that with salvation comes new life and the Holy Spirit’s help to love and obey God.

      • Jesus gave sight to a man who was blind. In a similar way, Jesus gives us spiritual sight when we trust in Him. God forgives our sins and opens our eyes to see the truth of His Word. The Holy Spirit helps us love and obey God.