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Jesus Taught About Prayer

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Jesus Taught About Prayer - Luke 11,18

Jesus taught us to pray. Because of Jesus, we can pray and ask God for everything we need. God is good and loving, and we can trust Him to care for us and to do what is right.

Key Passage

“The Holy Spirit will teach you all things and remind you of everything I have told you”- John 14:26

  • The Holy Spirit (put arms up with palms in)
  • Will teach you all things (bring arms down with palms up at waist)
  • And remind you (point to temples)
  • Of everything (shake head)
  • I have told you (bring fingers down in front of your waist)


The Holy Spirit

Choose one or more of the songs below:

  • For God Loved The World - Video
  • He is Faithful - Video
  • The Lord Will Be With You - Video  
  • You Are Great - Video
  • Everlasting Kingdom - Video
  • Ask God - Video
  • The Lord is Patient With You - Video
  • If My People - Video
  • God Will! - Video
  • Kingdom Kid - Video

Bible Story Video

Jesus Taught About Prayer

Bible Story Summary

  • Jesus taught people how to pray.
  • Jesus said to pray boldly and not give up.
  • Jesus said God is a good Father who gives good gifts to His children.

Family Discussion Starters

  • What is easy about prayer? What is hard?
  • What are some things you can pray about?
  • How do we know God is a good Father?

Family Activity

  • Memorize the Lord’s Prayer as a family.
  • This week when your children ask you something over and over, remind them that while you may grow weary of their requests, God never does. Urge them to pray in that way and do likewise yourself.

Other Resources

For Preschool Kids

  • Coloring/Activity Pages - Download PDF (Lessons for July 5 - August 2)
  • Activity: Sort Foods
    • Set out toy foods and toy reptiles or insects on the floor. Provide a gift box on one side of the pile and a plastic bin on the other side. Tell your kids to pretend the items are real. Instruct them to sort the foods into the gift box and the reptiles or insects into the plastic bin

    • Say: Yummy foods are good gifts, but scary creatures are not! I love to eat fish, but I do not eat snakes. If I asked my dad for fish for supper and he gave me a snake, that would be mean! But he wouldn’t do that because he loves me. God loves us even more! He gives us good things when we ask for them.

For Elementary Kids

  • Personal Bible Study  - Download PDF (Lessons for June 7 - Sept. 20)

  • New City Catechism - Question 39
    • With what attitude should we pray?

    • With love, perseverance, and gratefulness; in humble submission to God’s will, knowing that, for the sake of Christ, he always hears our prayers.

  • Discussion & Bible Skills
    • Help kids find Luke 11; 18. Ask the following questions:

      • Why did Jesus say the friend would help his neighbor even late at night? (His neighbor asked boldly, Luke 11:8)

      • What did Jesus say a father would not give his son? (a snake, a scorpion; Luke 11:11-12)

      • Why did the unjust judge do the right thing for the widow? (She kept asking, Luke 18:4-5)

      • How do these parables encourage us to pray? Guide kids to see that in each case, the person being asked was a sinner and still did the right thing. Jesus wanted people to see that because God is much greater than people, He can be trusted to hear our prayers and respond in the perfect way.

      • Can you think of a time you prayed for something specific? What happened? Guide kids to provide specific examples from their lives. Do not allow any kids to shame kids for asking for things that may seem silly or unimportant. Encourage kids to discuss honestly if they got the answer they wanted and how they knew.

      • What are some things you are praying about now? Encourage kids to share their requests with the group if they want to. Write them down. Offer time for the kids to pray for one another. Close the time by thanking God for always doing what is best. Challenge the kids to pray for one another throughout the week.

      • Jesus taught people how to pray. Jesus wanted people to understand that God loves His children. He enjoys giving us the good things we need. We can pray in faith, knowing God always answers.