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Jesus Walked On Water

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Jesus Walked On Water - Matthew 14; Mark 6; John 6

Jesus showed that we can trust Him. His life, death, and resurrection showed that Jesus is who He says He is. When we look to Jesus and trust Him, He will save us from our sin.

Key Passage

“Lord my God, you have done many things. Your wondrous works and your plans for us - none can compare with you. ”- Psalm 40:5

  • Lord (Raise right hand)
  • My God (Raise left hand)
  • You have done many things (Wave arms side to side)
  • Your wondrous works and your plans for us (pound fists)
  • None can compare (make wiping out motion with hands)
  • With you (point up with both hands)


Lord My God

Choose one or more of the songs below:

  • For God Loved The World - Video
  • He is Faithful - Video
  • The Lord Will Be With You - Video  
  • You Are Great - Video
  • Everlasting Kingdom - Video
  • Ask God - Video
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Bible Story Video

Jesus Walked On Water

Bible Story Summary

  • Jesus's disciples got in a boat to cross the sea while Jesus went to pray.
  • In the middle of the night, Jesus walked on water to the boat.
  • Peter started walking on the water to Jesus.
  • Peter started to sink when he started to worry about the wind. 

Discussion Starters

  • What was unusual about the way Jesus walked to His friends?
  • What happened when Peter started looking around instead of at Jesus?
  • How did Jesus show that we can trust Him?

Family Activity

  • Visit a pool as a family. Try to walk on water. Talk about the miracle of Jesus walking on water.
  • Walk around your neighborhood. Pray sentence prayers for your neighbors as you walk.


Other Resources

For Preschool Kids

  • Coloring/Activity Pages - Download PDF (Lessons for August 7 - 30)
  • Activity: Sink The Bowl
    • Fill a shoebox-sized plastic bin two-thirds full of water. Float a small foam bowl on the surface of the water. Help the children to carefully place aquarium gems, large marbles, or polished stones in the bowl one by one until the bowl sinks. Count out loud how many items can go in the bowl before it sinks. Repeat the experiment several times to see if that number changes.
    • Say: One of Jesus’ friends, Peter, walked on water with Jesus until he saw the wind and the waves. He was afraid and began to sink like our bowl. 

For Elementary Kids

  • Personal Bible Study  - Download PDF (Lessons for June 7 - Sept. 20)

  • New City Catechism - Question 43
    • What is baptism?

    • Baptism is the washing with water in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

  • Discussion Questions
    • Help your kids find Matthew 14.

    • Ask the following questions:

    • Why did Jesus stay behind when the disciples crossed the lake? (to pray, Matt. 14:23)

    • What did the disciples think they saw when Jesus walked on the water toward them? (a ghost, Matt. 14:26)

    • When did Jesus save Peter from drowning? (immediately after Peter called out to Him, Matt. 14:30-31)

    • How was Peter able to walk on water? Guide kids to discuss how Jesus’ power allowed Peter to walk on water. Remind the kids that impossible things can happen when God’s power is involved. Point out the correlation between Peter’s faith in Jesus while he walked on water and his fear of the storm when he sank. Discuss the importance of faith in our lives.

    • Is there anything we cannot do with God’s power? Discuss the fact that God’s power is unlimited, but that doesn’t mean we can use Him for personal gain. Help kids see that testing the Lord is foolish and that anything He empowers us to do will be in line with His character and plans for the world.

    • When was the last time you trusted God to help you through a hard time? Guide kids to discuss experiences they have had in which God helped them through a difficult situation. Be sensitive to any kids who may disclose abuse or neglect. Report any suspicions according to the laws where you live and your church’s policies.

    • Jesus showed He is God by walking on water. Peter had faith that he could walk with Jesus on the sea, but when he focused on his fear, he began to sink. We can trust Jesus through our fears. He saves us.