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John Pointed to Jesus

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John Pointed To Jesus - Matthew 3; John 1; 3

John the Baptist told people to get ready for Jesus, the promised Messiah. Now that Jesus was on earth, John’s mission was complete. Jesus was greater than John, and John joyfully stepped aside as Jesus began His earthly ministry.

Key Passage

“He must increase but I must decrease” - John 3:30

  • He (Point up with both hands)
  • Must increase (Change to “praise hands”)
  • But I (Point to chest with both thumbs)
  • Must decrease (Put hands about one foot apart in front of chest to make “small” gesture)


He Must Increase

Jeremiah 29:11

Bible Story Video

John Pointed to Jesus

Bible Story Summary

  • John said Jesus was more important than him.
  • John’s job was to get people ready for Jesus. Now that Jesus had come, John’s job was finished.
  • John told people to follow Jesus.

Family Discussion Starters

  • Why was John not angry that Jesus’ disciples were baptizing too?
  • How is the work God gave Jesus different than the work God gave John?
  • How can we make Jesus greater and ourselves less in our own lives?

Family Activity

  • Give each family member a chore to complete in preparation for a guest. (Since we're isolating, just imagine you're having a guest.) When the guest "arrives", say, “Now that our guest is here, your job is finished.” Talk about how John’s job was finished when Jesus began his ministry.

Other Resources

For Preschool Kids

  • Activity: Play a follow directions game
    • Give children a direction to follow, such as “Walk over and touch the door” or “Jump three times.”

    • Say: John knew his job was to tell people that the Messiah was coming. That is what God wanted him to do, and John followed God’s directions. God had a different job for His Son, Jesus. John saw that Jesus was following God’s directions too. 

For Elementary Kids

  • Personal Bible Study (3rd-5th Grade Class Handout) - Download PDF

  • New City Catechism - Question 27
    • Are all people, just as they were lost through Adam, saved through Christ?

    • No, only those who are elected by God and united to Christ by faith. Nevertheless God in his mercy demonstrates common grace even to those who are not elect, by restraining the effects of sin and enabling works of culture for human well-being.

  • Discussion & Bible Skills
    • Help kids find John 3. Read verses 27-30. Explain the purpose of Bible divisions (to help us organize and understand what God’s Word teaches) and say the division John is in. (Gospels)

    • Ask the following questions:

      • What were Jesus and His disciples doing in the countryside? (teaching and baptizing people, John 3:22)

      • Why were John’s disciples arguing? (Many were starting to follow Jesus instead of John, John 3:26)

      • What did John want to happen? (John wanted Jesus to get the glory as Messiah; John 3:30-31,35)

      • Why is it good to glorify Jesus? Guide kids to understand that people were created by God to glorify God. Jesus is God the Son. When we glorify Him in our lives, we are fulfilling our purpose, and it is good for us. Everything God does is for His glory and our good, including creating us to worship Him.

      • When is it hard to glorify Jesus? Discuss situations kids may face that can fill them with pride or arrogance. Explain that sinful pride makes it impossible to glorify Jesus. Remind them that our gifts and talents were given by God as a way to glorify God. When we do well, we can thank God and remind other people about His goodness to bless us with talents or skills.

      • How can we learn to show humility? Explain that the first step toward humility is understanding who Jesus is. He is God’s beloved Son. He is the Messiah. The story of our lives is ultimately about Him, not any of us. Help kids consider that all people are equally valuable to God as all people are made in His image. None of us are better. All of us are His creations.</span

      • John the Baptist told people to follow Jesus. John wanted people to make Jesus the center of their lives. When we love and trust Jesus, we will want to obey and glorify Him above all things.