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Kids Lesson: Guarding the Truth (2 Corinthians 11)

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Guarding the Truth (2 Corinthians 11)

Paul wnated people to remember what is true about Jesus.


The Church

Everlasting Kingdom

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Key Passage

He is also the head of the body, the church; he is the beginning, the firstborn from the dead, so that he might come to have first place in everything. - Colossians 1:18

Bible Story - Guarding the Truth

Bible Story Video

Bible Story

Paul told people in Corinth about Jesus. Many people believed the good news, and they met together as a church. But when Paul left, he heard the people were not following Jesus like they should. They were listening to new teachers who told them things that were not true. Paul was upset, so he wrote a letter to the Corinthian church. “Listen,” Paul wrote, “I care about you. I want you to follow Jesus and remember what He has done.” The people had been tricked by the new teachers, like Eve was tricked by the snake in the garden of Eden. Eve had believed the snake’s lie, and she disobeyed God. The Christians in Corinth were believing the lies the new teachers told. Paul said, “I am not a great speaker, but I know what I am talking about.” God gave Paul power to share the gospel. He shared the good news even though it was hard. Paul did not tell people about Jesus because he wanted something from them; he told them about Jesus because he loved them! Paul wrote, “I will not stop telling you this: Those teachers are sharing a message that is not true. They are trying to stop the good news about Jesus from spreading. Those teachers do not love God.”Paul spoke up and told the truth. “If anyone should be listened  to, it’s me,” he said. “I have worked hard. I have been thrown in jail and hurt. I almost died because I told people about Jesus.” God had chosen Paul and changed his life. Paul did everything for God. He was not going to give up.

Christ Connection: Telling people about Jesus can be hard. There will always be some who do not want to hear the truth. God wants believers to follow Jesus and obey Him no matter what.

Bible Story Summary

  • New teachers were telling the believers at the church in Corinth things that were not true
  • Paul wrote a letter to the church.Paul wanted people to remember what is true about Jesus.

Discussion Starters:

  • Why can telling people about Jesus be hard?
  • How can we know if what someone says about Jesus is true? How does the Bible help us?
  • Why is guarding the good news about Jesus so important?

Family Activity

  • Play a game where one family member has to guard something. Talk about what it means to guard the truth of the gospel.

Additional Resources

Coloring/Activity Pages

Download PDF (Lessons for February 7-28)

Preschool Activity

Build a Church Building

  • Invite children to work together to build a church building with blocks. Consider showing preschoolers pictures of different church buildings as they work, include a picture of the building where your church gathers.

  • Say: A lot of times when we think about church, we think about the church building. A church is more than a building. A church is a group of people who love and follow Jesus. The church grows, and God is glorified when the good news about Jesus spreads. We can keep the good new spreading by remembering what is true about Jesus and telling others. It will not be easy and some people will not want to hear the truth, but believers follow and obey Jesus no matter what.

Elementary Discussion Questions

Help your kids find 2 Corinthians 11. Ask the following questions:

  • Paul was concerned the Corinthians would be deceived just like who? (Eve, 2 Cor. 11:3)

  • Did Paul charge the Corinthians to share the gospel with them? (no, 2 Cor. 11:7)

  • What did Paul face because of his desire to share the gospel? (all kinds of sufferings, 2 Cor. 11:23-27)

  • Where can we find the truth about God and ourselves? Guide kids to see that the Bible is the only source of truth about God and our relationship to Him. Lead them to discuss why we need the Bible, and how we can learn truth from it.

  • What sufferings might we face if we stand up for the gospel? Discuss the ways kids may feel left out or unpopular for their faith. Point out that some places in the world still face very severe persecution, such as imprisonment or even death. Remind the kids that even those severe forms of persecution cannot stop God’s plan to grow the church, and that the gospel is worth facing any kind of mistreatment.

  • Where can we get strength to face persecution and stand up for the gospel? Remind kids that God is our source of strength. Help them see that being afraid of persecution is natural and normal. Discuss ways the Holy Spirit can help them face fears and do things that seem impossible or scary.

  • Close with this: God gives us power to stand up for the gospel. In some places, persecution may be very mild; you may only be mocked or disliked because you believe the Bible. In other places, the people may actually punish you for believing the truth. No matter what kind of persecution you face, the Holy Spirit will help you.