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Kids Lesson: God Created Everything (Genesis 1)


God Created Everything (Genesis 1)

Jesus is Lord over all of creation. The Son has always existed. The Bible says everything was created by Him and for Him, and He holds everything together. All of creation exists to bring God glory.

Big Picture Question

Why did God create everything? God created everything for His glory and our good.

Key Passage

The heavens declare the Glory of God and the expanse proclaims the work of his hands. - Psalm 19:1

  • The heavens (right hand up)
  • Declare (left hand up)
  • The glory of God (bring both hands down)
  • And the expanse (move both arms out to sides)
  • Proclaims (bring hands together)
  • the work of his work of his hands (put hands out at waist with palms up) 

Key Passage Song

Bible Story Video

Bible Story Summary

  • God has always existed.
  • God created everything from nothing in just six days.
  • God said that each thing He created was good.
  • All of creation is made to glorify God.

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