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Kids Lesson: Faithful In Hard Times

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Faithful in Hard Times – 1 Peter 1-2

The Bible says Christians will go through hard times for following Jesus. Peter wrote a letter to help Jesus’ followers live with hope and joy. Through hard times, God makes us more like Jesus.


His Divine Power

Kingdom Kid

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Key Passage

His divine power has given us everything required for life and godliness. - 2 Peter 1:3

Bible Story - Faithful in Hard Times

Bible Story Video

Bible Story

Jesus’ followers did not have an easy life after Jesus went back to heaven. Some people did not like that they shared the good news about Jesus. Those people were mean or unfair to Jesus’ followers. Many people who trusted in Jesus had to move away from their homes to be safe. Peter was one of Jesus’s disciples. Now he was a leader in the church. He wrote a letter to help Jesus’ followers in other cities. Peter wanted to tell these believers to keep following Jesus—even when it was hard.Peter said, “Praise God! He has given us a new life. We have hope for the future because of Jesus. He died, but now He is alive!” Peter said that people in God’s family have blessings in heaven. These blessings cannot be taken away. We are joyful as we remember this promise, even though life is not always easy. When hard times happen, we can trust God. This honors Him.
Peter also wrote, “Be holy like Jesus.” Peter reminded Jesus’ followers that before they knew and loved Jesus, they lived however they wanted. Jesus gave His life to save
them so they could have a better life.

Bible Story Summary

  • Peter wrote a letter to help people following Jesus during hard times.
  • Peter said Jesus gives us power to live for Him.
  • Peter encouraged believers to live like Jesus.
  • Peter wanted them to remember what Jesus had done for them.

Discussion Starters

  • What does the Bible say living like Jesus looks like?
  • How does remembering what Jesus has done for us help us live like Him?
  • Who can we ask for help to live like Jesus?

Family Activity

  • Play a mirror game where one family member faces another family member and copies his or her actions. Talk about how we want our lives to look like Jesus.

Additional Resources

Coloring/Activity Pages

Download PDF (Lessons for December 6-27)

Preschool Activity

Manger Scene

  • Teach kids this simple cheer: Hey! Hey! You can do it! Trust in God; He’ll help you through it! Challenge children to make up a cheer to help someone to keep on doing what is right, even when it is hard. Create movements and have fun encouraging one another. Open the Bible to 1 Peter and lead a child to point to chapter one.

  • Say this to the children: Jesus’ followers were having a hard time. People were being unfair to them because they trusted in Jesus. Peter encouraged believers going through hard times. He reminded them of the good news that Jesus had died, but is now alive. He encouraged them to keep doing what is good. When Christians go through hard times, God uses those hard times to make us more like Jesus.

Elementary Discussion Questions

Help your kids find 1 Peter 1. Ask the following questions:

  • What did Peter say we are born into when we have faith in Jesus? (blessings in heaven, a perfect inheritance; 1 Peter 1:4)

  • What reason did Peter give for us to be faithful in hard times? (it honors God, 1 Peter 2:12)

  • Why did Peter say Jesus bore our sins? (So that we could live for righteousness; 1 Peter 2:24)

  • What does it mean to live for righteousness? Guide kids to discuss what righteousness is. Talk through what the Bible says about righteousness. Remind them that we only have righteousness through faith in Jesus’ righteousness. Help them see that we are saved from sin, so we can choose obedience.

  • What is our inheritance from God? Explain to kids what an inheritance is, and talk about what we receive from God as a result of being adopted into His family. Remind them that we gain eternal life with God, joy, peace, wisdom, mercy and grace. Spend time explaining each of those concepts if kids do not understand them.

  • Why does God allow us to face hard times? Discuss the benefits of facing hard times, such as growing in patience, learning to trust God more, and showing His power and love to the world by responding graciously to those who are cruel to us. Remind kids that God can turn all things to good, and that even when we don’t see the good He is working out.

  • Close with this: Peter encouraged believers who faced persecution. Jesus promised us that we would go through struggles as a result of our faith. We can trust Jesus no matter what, and know that all our struggles will be worth it because of our eternal life with God.