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Kids Lesson: God Provided For Ruth (Ruth 1-4)


God Provided For Ruth - Ruth 1-4

Boaz was a family redeemer. He helped his close relatives who were in trouble. Boaz cared for Ruth and Naomi because their husbands had died. In a similar way, Jesus is our Redeemer. We need help because we sin. Jesus bought our salvation for us by taking our punishment when He died on the cross.

Big Picture Question

What is the punishment for sin? The punishment for sin is death.

Key Passage

For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord. - Romans 6:23

  • For the wages - put left palm out at waist
  • Of sin - put right palm out at waist
  • Is death - cross arms in X in front of chest
  • But the gift - put left hand up in air
  • Of God - put right hand up in air
  • Is eternal life - point index fingers at each other in front of waist
  • In Christ - point up with left index finger
  • Jesus our Lord - point up with right index finger

Key Passage Song

Bible Story

Bible Story Summary

  • Naomi’s sons got married while living in Moab.
  • Naomi’s husband and sons died, so she returned home.
  • Ruth stayed with Naomi and decided to worship God.
  • Ruth gathered fallen grain to feed herself and Naomi.
  • Boaz, a relative of Naomi’s husband, marries Ruth to redeem her and Naomi.

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