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Kids Lesson: God Stopped The Jordan River (Joshua 3-4)


God Stopped The Jordan River (Joshua 3-4)

God went ahead of Joshua and the Israelites into the promised land. He showed His power to them so they would trust in Him. When Jesus came to earth, He showed His power so people would trust in Him and be saved from sin.

Big Picture Question

What is the Bible? The Bible is God’s Word that tells us what is true about God and ourselves

Key Passage

Your word is a lamp for my feet and a light on my path. - Psalm 119:105

  • Your word (Hold palms in front of chest like you're holding a book)
  • Is a lamp for my feet (Swipe hands out in a sunshine motion)
  • And a light on my path (Put hands perpendicular to your face and bring down in front of you)

Key Passage Song

Bible Story Video

Bible Story Summary

  • The Israelites needed to cross the Jordan River to go into the land called Canaan.
  • God made the Jordan River stop flowing.
  • The Israelites crossed the river safely on dry ground.
  • God told Joshua to have 12 men pick up 12 stones from the river to remind them of how God had helped them.
  • The Israelites were in the land God had promised them.

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