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Kids Lesson: Jesus Was Questioned

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Jesus Was Questioned–Matthew 22; Mark 12; Luke 20

When the religious leaders asked Jesus questions, He answered with wisdom. Jesus is the Messiah, the Son of God. He came to show us what God is like. Jesus has power in heaven and on earth.


Philippians 2 8

Jesus Saves

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Key Passage

“He humbled himself by becoming obedient to the point of death— even to death on a cross.” - Colossians 1:13

Bible Story - Jesus Was Questioned

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Bible Story

The religious leaders heard Jesus teaching, and they decided to try to trick Him by asking Him a question. Some men went to Jesus and said, “Teacher, we know You tell the truth. Is it right to pay taxes to Caesar or not?” “Why are you trying to trick Me?” Jesus asked. Then He told them to show Him what money they use to pay taxes. The men brought Him a coin. Jesus asked, “Whose picture is on the coin? Whose name is on it?” “Caesar’s,” they said. Jesus said, “Then give to Caesar what is Caesar’s, and give to God what is God’s.” The men were amazed, and they went away. Later, the religious leaders asked Jesus, “Teacher, which command in the law is most important of all?” Jesus answered, “Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind, and with all your strength. The second most important command is like it: Love your neighbor as yourself.” A man said to Jesus, “That’s right. Loving God and your neighbor as yourself is far more important than offerings and sacrifices.” The man’s answer was wise, and Jesus said to him, “You are close to God’s kingdom.” Then Jesus asked the religious leaders, “Whose son is the Messiah?” “David’s son,” they said. “How can that be?” Jesus asked. “David called the Messiah ‘Lord.’ Why would he call his own son ‘Lord’?” The religious leaders did not know what to say, so they did not ask Jesus any more questions.

Bible Story Summary

  • The religious leaders tried to trick Jesus by asking Him questions.
  • Jesus spoke with wisdom and amazed them with His answers.
  • When Jesus asked the religious leaders a question, they did not know what to say.

Discussion Starters

  • How did the religious leaders try to trick Jesus? Can anyone trick Jesus?
  • What did Jesus say is the most important commandment of all? Why is it most important?
  • How does Jesus show us what God is like?

Family Activity

  • Brainstorm ways to keep the two most important commandments. Choose one action for each to complete this week as a family.

Additional Resources

Coloring/Activity Pages

Download PDF (Lessons for October 3-25)

Preschool Activity

What Do you Know About Jesus?

  • Invite children to stand up and form a circle. Hold a beanbag, soft ball, or paper wad in your hand. Lead the kids in chanting the question, “What do you know
    about Jesus?” Toss the beanbag to a preschooler and invite her to say one thing that she knows about Jesus as she tosses the beanbag back to you. Continue until each child has had a turn.

  • Say: We answered a question about Jesus. We asked, “What do you know about Jesus?” We told each other something that we knew about Him. The religious leaders asked Jesus questions trying to trick Him, but Jesus spoke with wisdom. He showed that He is the Messiah, the Son of God. Jesus came to show us what God is like. He has power over Heaven and earth.

Elementary Discussion Questions

Help your kids find Mark 12. Ask the following questions:

  • Why did the religious leaders come to ask Jesus difficult questions? (to trap Him in His words, catch Him saying something wrong; Mark 12:13)

  • Whose image was on the coin Jesus asked to see? (Caesar’s, Mark 12:16)

  • What are the greatest and second greatest commandments? (to love God with all we have and to love others as ourselves, Mark 12:29-31)

  • How was Jesus able to answer those tricky questions so well? Guide kids to think about Jesus’ identity. Remind them that, though Jesus is fully human, He is also fully God. Jesus has all the wisdom and authority of God and was able to see through the religious leaders’ schemes.

  • How can we answer with wisdom if people challenge our knowledge of God or the Bible? Help kids see that the source of wisdom is God Himself. Remind them that God gives wisdom generously to all who ask Him for it in faith. [See James 1:5.] Explain that we gain wisdom by studying God’s Word, praying, gathering with other believers, and following the Holy Spirit’s guidance.

  • When is it difficult to trust Jesus’ wisdom and authority? Guide kids to speak honestly about their lives. Acknowledge the difficulty of trusting Jesus in hard
    or sad times. Help them see that we can trust Him even when we do not understand His plan or why difficult things are happening.

  • The religious leaders wanted to catch Jesus saying something wrong so they could get Jesus in trouble, or get the people to turn against Him. But Jesus spoke with wisdom and authority.