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Kids Lesson: New Life in Jesus (Colossians 2-3)

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New Life in Jesus (Colossians 2-3)

God helps us live like Jesus.


The Church

Nobody Like Him

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Key Passage

He is also the head of the body, the church; he is the beginning, the firstborn from the dead, so that he might come to have first place in everything. - Colossians 1:18

Bible Story - New Life in Jesus

Bible Story Video

Bible Story

After Jesus died and rose again, Paul believed in Jesus and followed Him. Paul and other Christians traveled around, telling others the gospel, the good news about Jesus. Paul wrote letters to churches that we can read in the Bible. One letter Paul wrote was to the church at Colossae (koh LAHS sih). In his letter, Paul told them how people who love and follow Jesus are supposed to live. “If Jesus is your Lord,” Paul wrote, “live for Him. Trust Him and be thankful.” Paul also told the people to be careful. Sometimes people might tell them things that sound good and right but are not true. Jesus came to set us free from the wrong way of living so we can live in a better way—His way!Paul wrote, “Think about things that will be important in heaven. When you trust in Jesus, you start living a new life. Turn away from anger. Do not try to hurt others. Stop telling lies and using mean words.” Paul said that God wants to make us more like   Jesus. “God chose you, and He loves you very much,” Paul said. “Have compassion. Be kind and humble. Be gentle and patient. Forgive one another because God has forgiven you. Most of all, love one another. Let Jesus give you peace, and be thankful.” Paul told the Christians to remember what Jesus taught and obey Him. “Sing to God with thankfulness in your hearts,” Paul wrote. “Children, obey your parents because this pleases God. And do everything for Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father.”

Christ Connection: When we trust in Jesus, God changes us to be like Him. Jesus wants us to turn away from our old way of living and live in a way that honors Him.

Bible Story Summary

  • Paul wrote a letter to the believers at the church in Colossae. 
  • Paul told them how people who love and follow Jesus are supposed to live.
  • God helps us live like Jesus.

Discussion Starters

  • Name words that describe how people who follow Jesus live.
  • Tell each family member how you have recently seen him or her live in a way that honors Jesus.
  • Who can we ask for help to live in a way that honors Jesus?

Family Activity

  • Read Colossians 3:16. Then sing some favorite hymns or worship songs together.

Additional Resources

Coloring/Activity Pages

Download PDF (Lessons for February 7-28)

Preschool Activity

Learn the names of Paul’s letters

  • Print and cut apart “Paul’s Letters.” Place one set of strips in a gift bag. Use the other set of strips to mark each book in a Bible. Encourage a child to pull one strip from the bag. Read the name of the book to the children. Ask them to repeat the name. Invite the child to find the matching strip and open up the Bible to that book.

  • Say: Paul wrote many letters to churches, which are in the Bible. Our Bible story today is about Paul’s letter to the Colossian church. It is called the Book of Colossians in the Bible. Listen to the story to hear what Paul had to say to the believers in Colossae.

Elementary Discussion Questions

Help your kids find Colossians 2. Ask the following questions:

  • What did Paul tell believers to continue to do? (to walk in Christ, Col.2:6)

  • What should believers think about? (heavenly things, Col. 3:1-2)

  • What did Paul tell to do? (obey their parents; Col. 3:20)

  • How does God make us new? Discuss the immediate change that takes place in our standing before God when we believe the gospel. Remind kids that there is also a gradual change in our lives as the Holy Spirit makes us more and more like Jesus over time. Teach the kids the words justification and sanctification to describe these changes, the immediate and the gradual, respectively.

  • Why does God make us new? Talk kids through God’s desire to show us love and mercy. Remind them that we were created to glorify God by enjoying His goodness. Explain that sin prevents us from doing what we were made to do. God makes us new so that we can glorify Him as we were supposed to all along. That is how we experience the most joy in life.

  • Why is love so important for believers? Guide kids to think through the ways all of God’s commands center on loving Him and loving people. Love for God motivates us to love people. Remind them that when we love others, we want what is best for them; we will want them to live with God as we do.

  • Close with this: Jesus gives new life to people who trust in Him. The life Jesus gives is the only way to experience true joy and peace. The Holy Spirit helps us to live in a way that honors God.