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Kids Lesson: Paul Met Jesus (Acts 8-9)

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Paul Met Jesus (Acts 8-9)

Jesus saved Paul and chose him to spread the gospel.


The Church

One Body in Christ

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Key Passage

He is also the head of the body, the church; he is the beginning, the firstborn from the dead, so that he might come to have first place in everything. - Colossians 1:18

Bible Story - Paul Met Jesus

Bible Story Video

Bible Story

After Jesus died, rose from the dead, and ascended to heaven, people in Jerusalem who believed in Jesus were persecuted or treated cruelly because of their faith. One of Jesus’ followers, Stephen, was even killed. A man named Saul had watched in approval when Stephen was killed. Saul wanted to put an end to the church. He went into the believers’ homes, dragged them out, and put them in jail. Many believers fled the city. Saul headed to Damascus to arrest believers there, but on the way, a bright light from heaven suddenly flashed around him. Saul fell to the ground. He heard a voice saying, “Saul, Saul, why are you persecuting Me?” “Who are You, Lord?” Saul asked. “I am Jesus,” He replied. “Get up and go into the city. Then you will be told what you must do.” Saul got up and opened his eyes, but he couldn’t see! So the men who were traveling with Saul led him by the hand into Damascus. Ananias (an uh NIGH uhs), a disciple of Jesus, lived in Damascus. The Lord spoke to Ananias in a vision. He told Ananias to go to the house where Saul was staying. Ananias knew that Saul had hurt many believers and that he arrested anyone who believed in Jesus. But the Lord said, “Go! I have chosen this man to take my name to Gentiles, kings, and Israelites.” Ananias obeyed. He found Saul and told Saul that Jesus had sent him to help. Ananias put his hands on Saul, and Saul could see again. Saul got up and was baptized. For the next few days, Saul stayed with the believers in Damascus. He began to go to the synagogues to preach about Jesus. Saul told the people, “Jesus is the Son of God!” The people were amazed. They recognized Saul and knew he had wanted to put an end to the church. Now he was one of them! The Jews did not like Saul’s message. They planned to kill him, so one night Saul left the city. The disciples helped Saul escape by lowering him down the city wall in a basket. Saul was also known as Paul.

Christ Connection: Jesus appeared to Paul and changed him inside and out. Jesus Christ came into the world to save sinners. (1 Timothy 1:15) Jesus called Paul, who was once an enemy to Christians, to spend the rest of his life telling people the gospel and leading them to trust in Jesus.

Bible Story Summary

  • Paul worked hard to stop people from telling about Jesus.
  • Jesus appeared to Paul on a road.
  • Jesus saved Paul from his sins.
  • God changed Paul, and he started telling people about Jesus.

Discussion Starters

  • How would you have felt if you were Ananias and God told you to visit Paul?
  • What would you think if you saw someone who had been an enemy of Jesus telling other people the good news about Him?
  • Do we stay the same when we trust in Jesus?

Family Activity

  • Think of someone you know who does not follow Jesus. As a family, pray for his or her salvation.
  • Ask a family member or friend who has trusted Jesus to share how God changed their life.

Additional Resources

Coloring/Activity Pages

Download PDF (Lessons for February 7-28)

Preschool Activity

Follow the Signs

  • Print and cut out the “Stop Sign and Arrows” printable. Tape the stop sign to a ruler and the arrows back to back to another ruler. Give the signs to a child while the rest of the group forms a large circle. Guide the child to direct the group’s actions by changing the arrow’s direction or holding up the stop sign. Choose another leader after a few minutes.

  • Say: Our walking game was just for fun, but it does remind us that our actions can change. Paul was an enemy of Jesus and His followers, but God changed him. After Jesus saved Paul from his sins, Paul’s actions changed. He started living in a new way. He even started telling people about Jesus! When we trust in Jesus, He changes us from the inside out.

Elementary Discussion Questions

Help your kids find Acts 9. Ask the following questions:

  • Why was Paul traveling to Damascus? (to arrest and persecute Christians, Acts 9:1-2)

  • What did Jesus ask Paul? (“Why are you persecuting me?” Acts 9:4)

  • What did Paul do when his sight was restored? (preached about Jesus in the synagogue, Acts 9:20)

  • Why do you think God chose to use Paul to spread the gospel? Help the kids think through what we learn about God’s power from His choice to use Paul. Discuss our tendency to see some people as “too bad” for salvation. Remind them that all have sinned, and God’s power and love are greater than the power of sin in our lives. Choosing Paul was a way for God to show His power and control of all things.

  • Can you think of anyone you would be shocked to learn became a Christian? Encourage kids to be honest and open about their thoughts. Remind them that God loves each person, and that Jesus came to save all sinners. Help them see that all sin is enough to earn death and separation from God.

  • What are ways you think you need to change to be more like Jesus? Lead kids to discuss their own need for grace and mercy. Help them talk through their flaws and remind them that the Holy Spirit changes all believers over time to be more like Jesus.

  • Close with this: Jesus saved Paul and chose him to spread the gospel. Paul hated Christians and wanted to see all of them arrested and even killed. When Jesus changed his heart, he became a wonderful tool in God’s hands, and spread the gospel all over. How might God use us in His plan to reach the world?