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Kids Lesson: Peter Healed A Man

Peter Healed A Man

Peter Healed A Man – Acts 3-4

After Jesus went back to heaven, the Holy Spirit gave Jesus’ followers power to begin working. With the power of Jesus’ name, Peter healed a man who could not walk. The religious leaders could not stop Jesus’ followers from telling people the good news about Jesus.


His Divine Power

The Good News Of Christ

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Key Passage

His divine power has given us everything required for life and godliness. - 2 Peter 1:3

Bible Story - Paul Healed A Man

Bible Story Video

Bible Story

One day, Peter and John went to the temple to pray. They saw a man sitting by the gate. The man could not walk, so every day his friends carried him to the temple. As people went into the temple, the man asked them for money since he could not work. The man asked Peter and John for help. Peter said, “Look at us.” The man looked at Peter and John. He thought they were going to give him money. “I do not have silver or gold,” Peter said. But Peter did have something better. “In the name of Jesus, get up and walk.” Peter helped the man up. The man was healed! His feet were strong, and he could walk and jump. Then the man went into the temple with Peter and John, walking, leaping, and praising God. Everyone who saw the man was amazed. This was the man who could not walk and sat at the gate, but now he could walk! How could such a wonderful thing happen? The next day, the religious leaders met together. They asked Peter and John, “How did you heal this man?” Peter was filled with the Holy Spirit and said, “This man was healed by the power of Jesus.” Then Peter told the religious leaders that Jesus is the most important One of all. The religious leaders did not know what to say. They told Peter and John to be quiet and to stop telling people about Jesus. But Peter and John said, “We cannot keep quiet. We must tell people what we have seen and heard.” Peter and John met with other believers and prayed that God would give them power to be brave and tell people about Jesus.

Bible Story Summary

  • A man who could not walk sat at the gate near the temple every day.'
  • Peter healed the man who could not walk.
  • The man went into the temple walking, leaping, and praising God.

Discussion Starters

  • Who gave Peter power to heal the man who could not walk?
  • How might it feel to walk after not being able to your whole life?
  • What would you have said if the religious leaders told you to stop telling people about Jesus?

Family Activity

  • Talk to a person with a disability or a person who works with people with disabilities to learn about living with a disability. Train your children to treat people with disabilities with respect and care that honors them.

Additional Resources

Coloring/Activity Pages

Download PDF (Lessons for December 6-27)

Preschool Activity

Move To The Shape!

  • Use painter’s tape to make the outlines of a triangle, rectangle, square, and diamond on the floor. One at a time, direct children to move to a certain shape either walking, leaping, or praising God.

  • When you're done, say: You moved to the shapes like the man who was healed moved to the temple! After Peter healed the man who could not walk, everyone who saw him was amazed. The religious leaders wanted Peter and John to stop talking about Jesus and helping people, but Peter said that they could not stop telling people about the good news of Jesus.

Elementary Discussion Questions

Help your kids find Acts 2. Ask the following questions:

  • What did the man who couldn’t walk ask for? (money, Acts 3:3)

  • What did Peter do when people were gathered in amazement at the healing? (preached the gospel, Acts 3:12-26)

  • What did Peter and John do when ordered to stop talking about Jesus? (refused to obey humans and chose to obey God, Acts 4:19)

  • Will God heal every person who has an illness or disability? Guide kids to think through two lenses: the lens of our physical lives now and our eternal lives with God. Even though not everyone will have their physical ailments healed now, everyone who believes in Jesus will one day live in a restored world with no pain, sadness, sickness, or death.

  • Why was it OK for Peter and John to refuse to obey the authorities who arrested them? Remind kids that the Bible contains many commands to obey leaders and submit to government authorities, but that God’s authority always supersedes human authority. We obey human authorities as long as they do not command us to disobey God.

  • When can we preach the gospel? Guide kids to think beyond the simple answer of “all the time.” Remind them that Peter used the opportunities in front of him to preach. We can preach all the time, and we can be strategic and plan specific ways to tell people about Jesus’ work to save us.

  • The Holy Spirit gave Peter power to heal a man. We have access to the same power through Jesus. God wants us to share the gospel boldly.