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Kids Lesson: The Bible Helps Us Live For God (2 Timothy 3)


The Bible Helps Us Live For God (2 Timothy 3)

Paul wrote to teach Timothy how to live for God. The Bible tells us about God’s plan
for people to have forgiveness through His Son, Jesus. Jesus obeyed God’s Word
perfectly. We can follow Jesus’ example to read, believe, and obey the Bible as we
live for God’s glory.

Big Picture Question

What is the Bible? The Bible is God’s Word that tells us what is true about God and ourselves

Key Passage

Your word is a lamp for my feet and a light on my path. - Psalm 119:105

  • Your word (Hold palms in front of chest like you're holding a book)
  • Is a lamp for my feet (Swipe hands out in a sunshine motion)
  • And a light on my path (Put hands perpendicular to your face and bring down in front of you)

Key Passage Song

Bible Story Video

Bible Story Summary

  • Paul, a follower of Jesus, wrote a letter to Timothy, a younger leader in the church.
  • Paul told Timothy that many people will dishonor God and choose sin.
  • Timothy needed to know what was true, so Paul reminded him that Scripture is completely trustworthy.
  • The Bible is inspired by God, which means it is God’s Word.

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