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Kids Lesson: The Emmaus Disciples

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The Emmaus Disciples – Luke 24

The whole Bible is about Jesus. All along, God had a plan to send His Son to rescue people from sin. No matter what part of the Bible we read, it all points to what Jesus did for us in His living, dying, and coming alive again.


Jesus Said

Nobody Like Him

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Key Passage

“Jesus said to her, “I am the resurrection and the life. The one who believes in me, even if he dies, will live.” - John 11:25

Bible Story - The Emmaus Disciples

Bible Story Video

Bible Story

On the day Jesus rose from the dead, two of His disciples were walking down the road to a village called Emmaus. They were talking about everything that had happened. As they talked, Jesus came up and began walking with them. Jesus’ disciples did not know that the man was Jesus. “What are you talking about?” Jesus asked. The disciples stopped walking. They looked sad. One of them said, “Are You the only person who doesn’t know what has happened?” The two told Him about Jesus: Jesus had said and done many powerful things. The religious leaders had killed Him. They had hoped that Jesus was the Messiah God had promised to send. Of course, Jesus already knew everything they were telling Him. The disciples explained that some of the women from their group went to Jesus’ tomb but it was empty. They saw angels who told them that Jesus is alive. “Don’t you believe what the prophets said?” Jesus asked. “They said this is what had to happen to the Messiah.” Then, starting with the words Moses and all the prophets wrote long ago, Jesus helped His disciples understand what God’s Word taught about Himself. Jesus went to the village with the disciples and stayed with them. When they sat around a table to eat, Jesus took bread and thanked God for it. Then He broke the bread into pieces and gave it to them. Then the disciples knew! This was Jesus! All of a sudden, Jesus disappeared. The two said to each other, “Didn’t we feel warm inside when He was talking with us on the road and explaining God’s Word to us?” Jesus’ disciples went back to Jerusalem right away. They found the others who had followed Jesus and told them what had happened. Jesus is alive!

Bible Story Summary

  • Two of Jesus’ disciples were walking when Jesus joined them.
  • Jesus helped them understand what God’s Word taught about Him.
  • Jesus disappeared and the disciples went to tell the others Jesus is alive.
  • The whole Bible is about Jesus

Discussion Starters

  • Why do you think the disciples did not recognize Jesus?
  • How do you think the disciples felt after Jesus disappeared?
  • What part of the Bible did Jesus use to teach the disciples?

Family Activity

  • Ask each family member to name a favorite Bible story about Jesus. Talk about what you learn about Jesus from each story.

Additional Resources

Coloring/Activity Pages

Download PDF (Lessons for November 8-29)

Preschool Activity

Compare Bibles

  • Examine an assortment of eight or ten different Bibles. Be sure to include the children’s Bibles. Guide children to look at the pictures. Help them locate the
    Old Testament and the New Testament. Ask which Bible is the largest, smallest, or thickest. Suggest children sort the Bibles by cover color as well. Show children the Book of  Luke and comment that the Bible story today is in Luke. Show children the large number 24 for the chapter number.

  • Say: Look at all these different Bibles. Even though these Bibles look different, they all tell about God’s plan to send His Son to rescue people from sin. The whole Bible is about Jesus. No matter what part of the Bible we read, it all points to what Jesus did for us in His living, dying, and coming alive again.

Elementary Discussion Questions

Help your kids find Luk 24. Ask the following questions:

  • Did the two disciples know Jesus was talking with them? (no, Luke 24:16)

  • What had the people hoped Jesus would do? (redeem Israel, Luke 24:21)

  • What did Jesus use to teach about Himself? (all of the Scriptures, Luke 24:27)

  • What is your favorite Old Testament story, and how does it point to Jesus? Guide kids to discuss stories they enjoyed learning about from the Old Testament. Consider using the Small Group Timeline to point out specific stories your group has covered. Help the kids remember how those stories connect to the one big story of Jesus.

  • When do you feel most excited about Jesus and the gospel? Encourage the kids to be honest about their feelings. Some kids may feel most excited when learning new things about the Bible. Other kids may feel most excited when doing good deeds to honor Jesus with their lives. And still others may feel most excited when they are singing praises or praying to Him. Help kids see that all three are normal, good responses to the truth of Jesus.

  • How can we be a part of the story of Jesus? Guide kids to think about the ways we can live on mission and allow God’s power to work through us. Discuss the importance of using our time, talents, and resources to glorify Jesus in the world.

  • Jesus taught that all the Scriptures point to Him. When we study the Old Testament, it helps us understand much more about God when we look at it the way Jesus did. Knowing the truth about Jesus helps us worship and obey Him out of love.