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Kids Lesson: The Good News (Romans 5-6)

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The Good News (Romans 5-6)

God made everything, so He is in charge of everything. Everyone sins, or disobeys God. We deserve to be punished for our sin, but God loves us and sent His Son, Jesus, to be punished for us. Jesus saves everyone who trusts in Him and gives them life forever with God.


One Body In Christ

Nobody Like Him

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Key Passage

We who are many are one body in Christ. - Romans 12:5

Bible Story - The Good News

Bible Story Video

Bible Story

In the early church, Jesus’ followers wanted others to hear the good news about Jesus. God had kept His promise to send a Savior. God sent His own Son, Jesus into the world. Jesus lived a perfect life and died on the cross to rescue sinners. Then God raised Jesus from the dead! We call this good news about Jesus the gospel. People who love Jesus tell others the good news about Jesus. Jesus saved a man named Paul. Paul was so happy to be saved. He wanted everyone to hear the gospel. Paul told many people about Jesus. We can read many letters Paul wrote in the Bible. One of the letters Paul wrote was for Jesus’ followers in Rome. Paul wrote that God sent His Son into the world because He loves us. We were God’s enemies. We disobeyed Him, but Jesus died and rose again to make us friends with God. Jesus is God’s good gift to us. Let’s thank Him! Paul reminded the Romans about the first man, Adam. Adam disobeyed God. His sin brought death into the good world God made. After Adam sinned, everyone after sinned, and death spread everywhere. So God sent Jesus into the world. Adam’s sin brought death, but Jesus brings life. Adam disobeyed God, but Jesus always did what is right. If God forgives us because of Jesus, does that make it OK to disobey? Paul said no! Sin makes people do things that hurt themselves and others, but Jesus came to set people free from sin. Jesus makes us free to live in a new way that brings us joy and honors God.

Bible Story Summary

  • Paul wrote a letter to Jesus’ followers in Rome.
  • Jesus lived a perfect life and died on the cross to rescue sinners. Then God raised Jesus from the dead!
  • The good news about Jesus is called the gospel.
  • God loves us and sent Jesus to save us.

Discussion Starters

  • What is the good news Paul wrote about in his letter?
  • Why did God send Jesus into the world?
  • How is Jesus diff erent from Adam?
  • Why do people who love Jesus tell other people the gospel?

Family Activity

  • Write or draw a letter or picture thanking God for Jesus.

Additional Resources

Coloring/Activity Pages

Download PDF (Lessons for January 10 through January 31)

Preschool Activity

Make Play-Dough Letters

  • Set out the letter cookie cutters or stamps on a table. Give each child a ball of play dough. Invite a child to flatten her play dough with her hand or with a roller. Show her how to stamp or cut letters from the flattened dough. Challenge older preschoolers to cut out or stamp letters to form words such as: Jesus, God, love, or news.

  • Say: We stamped and cut letters into our play-dough. In today’s Bible story, a man named Paul wrote to Jesus’ followers in Rome. He didn’t write his letter on play dough. Listen to the story to hear the very good news about Jesus that Paul shared with the believers.

Elementary Discussion Questions

Help your kids find Romans 5. Ask the following questions:

  • How is a person justified—given a right relationship with God? (by faith in Jesus’ sacrifice, Romans 5:1, 9)

  • Through whom did sin enter the world? (Adam, Romans 5:12)

  • Through whom does righteousness and justification come? (Jesus, Romans 5:18-19)

  • Does it feel fair or unfair that Adam’s sin led to sin for all of us? Guide kids to see that all of us have sin. We aren’t guilty simply because of Adam’s sin, but also because of our own sins. Help them see this truth through the lens of Christ’s sacrifice making righteousness available to all despite our sin.

  • Does it feel fair or unfair that Jesus’ righteousness leads to righteousness for all who have faith? Help kids see that this, too, is a picture of God’s perfect justice. He showed us mercy when Christ became our perfect substitute. Help the kids wrestle with the difference between human ideas about justice and fairness in contrast to God’s perfect justice and mercy.

  • If God forgives all our sin when we have faith in Jesus, why is it necessary to live like Jesus? Guide kids to remember that God’s plan for our lives is better for us than our own plans. Obeying God is good for us, because He knows what we need before we need it. Help them see obedience as a blessing, not a chore. Explain how sin may feel fun, but it leads to destruction, pain, and death.

  • Close with this: God sent Jesus into the world to rescue sinners. The Bible is clear that we all are sinners and we all deserve death and separation from God. His choice to send Jesus proves His justice and mercy.