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Kids Worship: Jesus Showed His Glory

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Jesus Showed His Glory - Matthew 17; Mark 9; Luke 9

Jesus showed His glory to Peter, James, and John. Jesus said He would die, rise from the dead, and return to heaven. One day, Jesus will come back to earth in His glory to make all things new.

Key Passage

“Lord my God, you have done many things. Your wondrous works and your plans for us - none can compare with you. ”- Psalm 40:5

  • Lord (Raise right hand)
  • My God (Raise left hand)
  • You have done many things (Wave arms side to side)
  • Your wondrous works and your plans for us (pound fists)
  • None can compare (make wiping out motion with hands)
  • With you (point up with both hands)


Lord My God

Choose one or more of the songs below:

  • For God Loved The World - Video
  • He is Faithful - Video
  • The Lord Will Be With You - Video  
  • You Are Great - Video
  • Everlasting Kingdom - Video
  • Ask God - Video
  • The Lord is Patient With You - Video
  • If My People - Video
  • God Will! - Video
  • Kingdom Kid - Video

Bible Story Video

Jesus Walked On Water

Bible Story Summary

  • Jesus showed His glory to Peter, James, and John.
  • Jesus’ face started shining, and His clothes were bright white.
  • Jesus talked with Moses and Elijah.
  • The disciples heard God the Father speak from a cloud.

Discussion Starters

  • Would you react like Peter, James, and John if you saw what they saw?
  • How is Jesus like us? How is He different from us?
  • What do you look forward to most about Jesus’ returning and making all things new?

Family Activity

  • Read Bible stories about Moses and Elijah. Explain that they no longer lived on earth when they were talking with Jesus in the Bible story.
  • Read Mark 9:3. Gather white linens and compare their brightness.


Other Resources

For Preschool Kids

  • Coloring/Activity Pages - Download PDF (Lessons for August 7 - 30)
  • Craft: Make shaving cream clouds
    • Place a small mound of shaving cream on a clean table in front of each seated child. Encourage children to use their hands and fingers to play with their “cloud” on the table and to draw pictures or letters in their cloud. Suggest older preschoolers write a J for Jesus, G for God, or the number 3. Demonstrate how to draw a heart or a mountain in their cloud. Caution children not to touch their face or eyes with shaving cream on their hands.
    • Say: Was it fun playing with your pretend cloud? When Jesus showed His glory to Peter, James, and John on the mountain, a bright cloud covered Jesus and His disciples. A voice from the cloud said, “This is My beloved Son, with whom I am well-pleased.” Jesus is unlike anyone else on earth. He is God’s perfect Son. Jesus said He would die, rise from the dead, and go back to heaven. One day, Jesus will come again in His glory to make everything new.

For Elementary Kids

  • Personal Bible Study  - Download PDF (Lessons for June 7 - Sept. 20)

  • New City Catechism - Question 45
    • Is baptism with water the washing away of sin itself?

    • No, only the blood of Christ can cleanse us from sin.

  • Discussion Questions
    • Help your kids find Mark 9.

    • Ask the following questions:

    • Where did Jesus show His glory? (at the top of a mountain, Mark 9:2)

    • Who stood with Jesus in glory? (Moses and Elijah, Mark 9:4)

    • What did the voice tell Peter, James, and John to do? (listen to Jesus, Mark 9:7)

    • Why do you think Jesus chose to reveal His glory to Peter, James, and John? Discuss those three disciples’ role as leaders among the disciples. Help the kids understand that they were Jesus’ closest friends as well as some of His most loyal followers. Help them understand that showing His glory to them was a way to help them see that He truly is God’s Son.

    • How should we respond to Jesus? Guide kids to discuss appropriate ways we might respond to the good news about Jesus. Talk to the kids about what it would look like to feel overjoyed, humbled, and awestruck. Remind the kids that part of our response to Jesus is loving obedience to His commands, including a desire to tell others about Him.

    • How do you feel when you think of Jesus’ return? Help kids process through the different emotions they may feel about Jesus’ return. Remind them that everyone who has faith in Jesus will be glorified with Him and live forever with God. Focus on Jesus’ return as our source of hope.

    • One of Jesus’ most impressive miracles happened when Jesus showed His glory to Peter, James, and John. Jesus wanted them to know for sure that He is God. Jesus will return in glory someday to restore the world and destroy all evil. us.