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Reopening Plan


After much prayer and careful consideration, we want to take this opportunity to communicate our next steps. We are excited about being together again and we trust in the Lord’s wisdom as he has directed us to move forward in incremental phases.  
First, let’s state the obvious: this is an unprecedented time with a wide variety of complexities and considerations. We have yet to find the manual on closing and opening the church during a pandemic! Much grace is needed as we navigate this season together.
As we roll out our plan, we recognize that we are entrusted to lead a church family with a wide range of perspectives and vantage points. Some want to move fast. Some want to move slow. Some have reasons to be more cautious than others. Some have been deeply and personally affected by the virus and to others it feels more distant and removed. Regardless of diverse perspectives, it is essential that we remain unified in love and humility. This is the mark of true discipleship by which we will be recognized by the world around us (John 13:35).
As a leadership team, we are committed to move forward with joyful anticipation and sincere caution. Please see the graphic below that outlines our plan and please give careful attention to the precautionary guidelines that apply to each phase.
The opportunity to gather in homes, beginning this week, will provide a much needed and desired outlet for fellowship and community worship. If you feel comfortable, we encourage you to initiate to a few others to worship together through our online content. 
Beginning the third week in June, we hope that many of our groups will be able to gather in homes according to their regular group schedule. You will hear more from your group leader based on the unique dynamic of your group. This is a great opportunity to continue interacting together around the content of Galatians as we learn and grow together.
The projected date for our first modified gathering at Citadel Square is July 12. We will continue to monitor the COVID-19 situation and make you aware of any changes. We will also let you know the specific details regarding service times and other precautionary measures in a timely manner.
Throughout this process we will continue to provide online content and virtual connection. If you don’t feel comfortable gathering for any reason, or if you are particularly susceptible to the virus, we encourage you to take advantage of the online resources which will continue to be available.
The church, by design, is meant to be together. We are thankful for the many creative ways you have continued to stay connected during the quarantine. We pray that as we begin to come back together the Lord will lead, guide, protect and provide in every way. 


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