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Kids Lesson: Three Parables - Luke 15

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Three Parables - Luke 15

Jesus told stories about people who were looking for things that were lost. Jesus told these stories to teach about Himself. Jesus looks for people who are lost, people who do not know Him. Jesus gave His life to save people from sin.


He Has Rescued Us

Just As I Am

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Key Passage

“He has rescued us from the dominion of darkness and transferred us into the kingdom of the Son he loves.” - Colossians 1:13

Bible Story - Three Parables

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Bible Story

Many people came to listen to Jesus teach. The religious leaders were angry that sinners came to listen to Jesus. They did not think Jesus should be friends with people who do wrong things. So Jesus told them three parables, or stories, to teach them about God. Jesus said, “If a man has 100 sheep and one goes missing, he leaves the 99 sheep and looks everywhere for his lost sheep. And when he finds it, he tells his friends and neighbors, ‘Let’s celebrate because I have found my lost sheep!’” Jesus told them, “In heaven, there will be more joy over one person who is sorry for his sin and turns back to God than over 99 good people who don’t need to be sorry.” Then Jesus told a second story: “If a woman has 10 silver coins and loses one of them, she lights a lamp, sweeps the house, and searches until she finds it. Then she tells her friends and neighbors, ‘Let’s celebrate because I have found my lost coin!’” Jesus said, “In heaven, God’s angels will celebrate when one person is sorry for his sin and turns back to God.” Then Jesus told one more story: “A man had two sons. The younger son told his father, ‘Give me the money that will be mine someday.’ So the father gave his son what was his. “The younger son traveled to a faraway country. He spent all his money and made wrong choices. The son had nothing left, and the country he was in ran out of food. He got a job feeding pigs, but he was still hungry. “The son was sorry for his wrong choices. He said, ‘My father’s workers have plenty of food. I do not deserve to be his son. I will ask to be his worker.’ So he went home. His father ran to him and gave him a big hug and a kiss. The son started to say he was sorry, but the father told his servants, ‘Bring the best clothes for my son to wear! Let’s celebrate with a big meal! My son was lost, and now he is found!’ “The older son came home and asked, ‘What’s going on?’ A servant said, ‘Your brother is home. Your father is celebrating.’ “The father asked the older son to come inside and celebrate. But the older son was angry. He said, ‘I always obeyed you, but you never threw a party for me.’ “‘Son,’ the father said, ‘everything I have is yours. This is a day to celebrate because your brother was lost, but now he is found.’”

Bible Story Summary

  • Jesus told three stories about people who were looking for things that were lost.
  • Jesus told these stories to teach about Himself.
  • Jesus came to save people who do not know Him.

Discussion Starters

  • What do these stories teach us about God’s love for people?
  • What is the difference between something being lost and someone being lost spiritually?
  • What happens in heaven when someone is sorry for his sin and turns to God?

Family Activity

  • Hide a coin for your family to find. Celebrate when the coin is found. Talk about how God looks for people who do not know Him. Name people you know who do not know God, who are lost. Pray as a family for God to save them.

Additional Resources

Coloring/Activity Pages

Download PDF (Lessons for September 6-27)

Preschool Activity

Play “Shepherd, Where’s Your Sheep?”

  • Select one child to be the shepherd who will sit in the middle of the floor with a toy sheep behind his back. Guide other children to sit in a wide circle around the shepherd. Ask the shepherd to close his eyes while you silently invite another child to hide the sheep behind her back. When the sheep is hidden, invite preschoolers to chant, “Shepherd, shepherd, where’s your sheep?” Encourage the shepherd to open his eyes and guess who has his sheep. After three tries, reveal who has the sheep. Celebrate the found sheep. Choose another shepherd and play again.

  • Say: Jesus told stories about people who were looking for things that were lost. He said a shepherd would search for one sheep that was lost until he found it. Jesus told these stories to teach about Himself. Jesus looks for people who are lost, people who do not know Him. Jesus came to save people who do not know Him. He is the Good Shepherd!

Elementary Discussion Questions

Help your kids find Luke 15 Ask the following questions:

  • What did the Pharisees and scribes complain about? (Jesus’ welcoming sinners, Luke 15:2)
  • How did the three characters from the parables react when what they lost was found? (by rejoicing and celebrating; Luke 15:6,9,32)
  • Why was the older brother angry at the end of that parable? (He felt his father was treating him unfairly, Luke 15:29-30)
  • Do you ever feel like running away from God to live your own way? Guide kids to think about the choices they make. Help them think through times when it may feel like obeying God is a burden, such as when a seeing popular movie or playing a popular video game dishonors Him. Encourage kids to speak openly about when it is hard to obey God.
  • Do you ever feel like it’s unfair for God to love people who disobey Him? Help kids see that all people are sinners. We often try to rank our sin or compare it to other people’s sin to justify why we chose to sin. Help kids understand that all sin deserves death.
  • How should we react to a person becoming a believer in Jesus? Direct kids to remember how God reacts to sinners’ repenting. Discuss the fact that God welcomes sinners and loves them. Help them see that we should respond like God does, with joy and celebration, not with doubt or skepticism.