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Update from Craig Tuck

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Please take a few minutes to view this important video update from Elders Steve Heron and Craig Tuck about a vision initiative for our church.  

As Elder Tuck holds a strategic position in working with 78 churches in the tri-county region as the Executive Director of the Charleston Baptist Convention, he shares about the movement of the Holy Spirit in opening up an opportunity to replant the gospel in a struggling sister church and community as an extension of Citadel Square Church.  

Remount Baptist Church is in North Charleston near the Charleston Farms community where our local, cross-cultural missionaries, Adrian and Lindsay Fernandez have been reaching and serving Latino children, youth and families. Over the past several months their groups have been given access to facilities at Remount Church which has coincided with consultation for repurposing this struggling church from Craig and the Administrative Team of the Charleston Baptist Association. 

Recently, Remount Church voted unanimously to enter into the replant process. Our Elders have affirmed Craig’s gifting and calling to take an active lead in replanting Remount Church and celebrate the providential connection with the Latino mission outreach. Craig shares, “what God does in us, He leverages through us” when reflecting on the replanting of Citadel Square. As a result, the Tuck and Fernandez families will be joining together along with other missionary leaders from partnering churches to become the new leadership and replant core group of Remount Church. 

Elder Tuck will remain active on our Elder Team through the remainder of this year as we begin to reestablish our Elder Team at Citadel Square. He will transition in an advisory role to the Elders in 2021.  

Over the next few weeks, more will be shared about how our church can engage in this partnering relationship. Pastor Steve Heron asks that we begin to engage now through prayer, volunteering your time, or exploring the opportunity to join in this strategic new work. 

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