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Video Update - April 24, 2020


Video Update

Watch below as Pastor Steve Heron gives us an update on what to expect for the next few months and introduces our new series, No Other Gospel: The Book of Galatians.

Galatians Study Guide

To help you dig into the scriptures each week, our staff has prepared a Galatians Study Guide. We encourage you to study the passage in advance of Sunday either in your personal devotions or with a group of 2-3. You can download the entire PDF or view the guide for this Sunday's passage online. We're super excited to share this with you!

Preparing For Sunday

This Sunday, Pastor Steve Heron will begin our series, teaching on Galatians 1:1-5. We'll learn how Paul writes to a church that is tempted to depart from the gospel message he preached to them. Paul begins his letter grounding his authority and his message in the grace of God revealed in the work of Jesus Christ.

Kids Worship

This week's Citadel Square Kids lesson is about John the Baptist. Parents, you can view that content here to help you prepare for worship Sunday.