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Worship Guide - June 28, 2020

No Other Gospel Sermon


Thank you for joining us at home today! Below you will find today's worship service, which includes music by our worship team. Everything is pre-recorded to give you the ability to start at a time that works best for you or your family. 

Worship Service

Kids Worship

If you have kids, find a time that works for you to go through this week's Kids Worship material. Today's lesson is Jesus Healed a Man Who Was Blind. Click here to view today's content.

Discussion Questions

Take some time today to talk through the following questions. You can use these questions with your family, some friends, or with your Community Group.

  • How does being declared a child of God change the way that you relate to God the Father? How does this great truth lead to greater assurance, security, and intimacy with God?
  • How have you seen racism, sexism, or social issues bring about disunity and hurt within our churches and within our communities?
  • How does understanding that your fundamental identity is “in Christ” free you to love and be unified with people who look, live, or think differently than you?
  • Why is this passage such good news for you and for the current state of our nation?