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Worship Guide - May 31, 2020

No Other Gospel Sermon


Thank you for joining us at home today! Below you will find today's worship service, which includes music by our worship team. Everything is pre-recorded to give you the ability to start at a time that works best for you or your family. 

Worship Service

Kids Worship

If you have kids, find a time that works for you to go through this week's Kids Worship material. Today's lesson is on Jesus And The Samaritan Woman. Click here to view today's content.

Discussion Questions

Take some time today to talk through the following questions. You can use these questions with your family, some friends, or with your Community Group.

  • What is the purpose of the law and how should we relate to it once we have trusted in Jesus?
  • How have you been tempted to believe the heresy of nomism (maintaining your relationship with God through the law)? How does justification by faith alone save you from a life of striving to maintain your relationship with God through the law?
  • How can you practice the spiritual disciplines without falling into the belief that your relationship with God is maintained through them?
  • Why do we so easily forget the great love that God has for us? What are some ways that we can remind ourselves of this objective fact?