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Discussion Questions: Revelation 1:9-20

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Discussion Questions

Take some time this week to talk through the following questions. You can use these questions with your family, some friends, or with your Community Group. If you missed the service this week, you can watch it here.

  • Share about a time when life didn’t go as you expected, or when you had to take a step of obedience not knowing what the consequence would be. What did this time teach you about yourself and God?

  • How does Jesus view his church? In light of this, what should our attitude be towards Christ’s church? How does this change the way we speak about the church and are involved within the life of the church?

  • How does looking to the risen Christ provide us with comfort during times of struggle and boldness to step out in obedience when it's hard? Which attributes of Jesus from the sermon provided you with the most comfort and security?