A False Witness

September 22, 2019 Preacher: Steve Heron Series: The Trials of David - 1st Samuel 18-31

Passage: 1 Samuel 19:8–19:17, Psalm 59:1–59:17

Discussion Questions

  1. Consider Exodus 1:15-21 and Joshua 2:1-7. Why is lying portrayed positively in these texts? 

  2. Why is Saul so insistent on others faithfulness, and yet, so blind to his own lack of character? (See also Luke 6:39-42)

  3. What are some possible reasons for Michal's lies? (Think positively and negatively) 

  4. When facing hardship or conflict, is your focus typically on yourself, others, or God? How do we reorient our hearts? 


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