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Fighting Doubt In Trials

March 29, 2020 Preacher: Steve Heron Series: Doubt: Walking With God When It's Hard To Believe

Passage: James 1:1–1:8

Discussion Questions

  • Share about a time when a hardship or trial resulted in a deepening of your faith.

  • How do unbelievers that you know attempt to make it through painful circumstances? What do they trust in?

  • Why can we count it joy when we experience hardship?

  • How does knowing that God has a purpose for your hardship provide you with endurance to persevere through it?

  • Why is the promise of wisdom a greater gift than the removal of the trial?

  • How has the coronavirus exposed some of the things that you have trusted in?

  • How do trials and hardships reveal God’s love for us?

  • What role does a community of believers play in helping you gain wisdom and endure through trials?

  • Spend some time as praying that God will use the trial of COVID-19 to deepen your faith and mature you in Christ. 

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