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Expectations and Doubt

April 5, 2020 Preacher: Steve Heron Series: Doubt: Walking With God When It's Hard To Believe

Passage: Luke 7:18–7:23

Discussion Questions

  • Share about a time when one of your expectations about life didn’t match up with reality.
  • Has the action or inaction of God ever lead you to a place of doubt?
  • Why is it dangerous to have a view of Jesus that agrees with you on every issue?
  • How has your theology of Jesus expanded over the past few years? How have you seen Jesus to be greater and more magnificent than you previously believed him to be?
  • What role does the Word of God and community play in revealing to us how our theology is dirty and incomplete?
  • Why do you think we are slow to bring our doubt, uncertainty, and expectations to Jesus?
  • Take some time this week to examine your heart. What areas in your life are you disappointed with God? Does your walk with Jesus lack joy? Follow the example of John and take these questions directly to Jesus.

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