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Easter 2020: Reading is Believing

April 12, 2020 Preacher: Steve Heron Series: Doubt: Walking With God When It's Hard To Believe

Passage: John 20:24–20:31

Discussion Questions

  • Spend a few minutes sharing with each other how Jesus has changed your life.
  • What are some of the barriers or doubts that you experienced before you came to saving faith in Jesus Christ?
  • How would you define biblical faith? How is biblical faith different than believing in a list of facts?
  • How does the resurrection authenticate the person and work of Jesus?
  • What does Jesus’ response to Thomas reveal about his character?
  • Why is it dangerous to have a faith that is built on personal experience?
  • What is the result of biblical faith in a person’s life?
  • Spend time praying that the Spirit will awaken faith in those who have not placed their faith in the person of Jesus Christ.


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